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Caster level

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Your caster level (CL) is the level in your casting class, thus it may be different from your character level in the case of a multiclass character.

Many spells have a maximum caster level, i.e., when your caster level increases beyond the spell maximum, the spell effect does not increase anymore (e.g., Cure Light Wounds reaches its maximum effect at CL 5).

Note that in PnP, a Paladin or Ranger has a caster level equal to class level divided by two (but zero until level four, since they cannot cast spells before that). DDO does not follow that reasoning, so Paladins and Rangers start at caster level 4 immediately once they gain any spells. (i.e. when they reach level 4 in that class.)

The caster level of spell-like abilities granted by race, feats, or epic destinies is usually equal to your character level. These SLAs can still benefit from effects that increase CL.

Effects that increase caster level of spells and SLAs[edit]

Item enchantments
Class / race abilities
Epic abilities

Items that produce spell effect[edit]

The caster level of items (scrolls, wands, clickies) is usually the minimum level necessary to cast the spell.

A handful of effects exist that increase the caster level:

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