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Wand and Scroll Mastery

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Wand and Scroll Mastery is an enhancement that increases the effects of wands and scrolls by 25/50/75 %.

It is available from multiple enhancement trees. In general, taking W&S enhancements from multiple trees should be impossible and effects should not stack.

In some cases, it also increases the DC of spells cast from wands. However, it is most valued for its effect on Cure wands and Heal scrolls; this makes Wands/Scrolls more powerful than their identical Potion counterparts which are not affected by the enhancement (for example, a Wand of Cure Serious Wounds could end up 75% more powerful than a Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, but they both have the same base healing rate.) It should be noted, however, that one must have enough UMD to use a Wand or Scroll successfully, while Potions will always work, so a character with low UMD and no ability to cast healing spells will have to rely on Potions instead.

Note that this does NOT affect every single type of wand or scroll. It only intensifies wands that use a spell which would be intensified by the Spell Power of a character who knew and was using it directly, such as damage-dealing or healing spells. It does not, for example, increase the effect of a Wand of Resist Energy or a Wand of Shield, spells with hard-locked effects unaffected by Spell Power.


The following Enhancements offer Wand and Scroll Mastery: