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User talk:C-Hound

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Again, welcome to the wiki - and I can't thank you enough on behalf of the community for your help in making us the best DDO site around Cool Face Zav (Contribs • Message) 21:27, January 6, 2016 (EST)

Will do, thx! C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 21:36, January 6, 2016 (EST)
(Ya, that ~does~ look better - I'm still remembering all my wiki-fu coding.) C-H ;)

Minor edits[edit]

I've noticed a lot of your recent edits are being marked as Minor when they are not. Perhaps you have the toggle for edit marking being minor as default? Habreno (ContribsMessage) 20:36, January 19, 2016 (EST)

Confusion about Races table[edit]

Heya, the original idea behind the column Racial Ability Enhancements was to list ability increases available via class enhancements. For example, if you look at Elf enhancements, they can pick up Elven Dexterity I and Elven Dexterity II; +2 dex. Looks like you're not the only one who did not understand the idea of this column (see Talk:Races), so perhaps the best way to avoid confusion is to have TWO columns, one called Racial Modifiers, the other Racial Enhancements. --Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 03:47, January 2, 2017 (EST)

Oh! Hmmm - that intent wasn't clear at all by the table or headers. Hmmm... both datum seem important - yeah, let's see if we can't get both in there - and clearly.C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 15:20, January 2, 2017 (EST)


Hello C-Hound. Technical 13 has nominated you to become an administrator. Please see DDO wiki talk:Administrators/promote/C-Hound. — Zav(T·C) 14:56, February 18, 2018 (EST)

link to "∅"[edit]

Hi, not sure why, you've been using template image popup with parameter |link=∅. I saw "∅" on Special:WantedPages and it seemed unnecessary; I have removed all those links. Maybe you have a grand plan with ∅, in that case feel free to reintroduce it. -- Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 06:40, July 26, 2018 (EDT)

  • Do not reintroduce it... Discuss it first so we can know what the plan is. Thanks.  👟 ShoeMaker (Contribs • Message) 👟 11:10, July 26, 2018 (EDT)

I know exactly why - it was in the original sample of code that I copied/pasted to my home page from some example article I found when I was first looking for the code for that effect. So it exists (or existed) in at least one other example, tho' no chance I can remember which page I found that on. I've removed that segment of code from my sample - what sort of thing would it be used for? C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 19:39, July 27, 2018 (EDT)

guild vendor stuff[edit]

Hi, I saw you working on this topic. Not sure if you're aware of Guild Scroll Vendor article. Perhaps incorporate/merge/rename the article so that it fits into your grand scheme of guild vendors. Thanks -- Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 08:39, March 7, 2019 (EST)

  • Wanted to think about it a while - split info between Arcane/Divine scrolls, added to approp vendor, changed Guild Scroll Vendor to a redirect to Guild vendors article. Also updateded the 1(!) extant link to Guild Scroll Vendor. Thanks for the heads up! C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 07:07, March 13, 2019 (EDT)
    • Thanks. --Cru121

Message Response[edit]

  • I understand about content. Thank you.
  • I just ran the quest Proof is in the Poison. I wanted post something on Discussion. For instance. As a level 4 Wizard doing this I had to use a crossbow after using the gold key to open the door. My spells were not damaging the mobs up high. After taking them out I dismissed my hireling, ran back to the beginning, waited and spawned a fresh fighter. In this quest doors/gates will close and you can not navigate the dungeon correctively. (lol). I wanted point out you will run out of SP when solo if you do not reserve, there are way more than 100 Quickfoot in There. Lastly there is a room not connected to the dungeon spawn/start point, but when you reach it again you can dismiss/conjure a hireling to finsh the area. I died the first run, but not the second. Just wanted to help others. I will try to filter my content. Tiger (ContribsMessage) 19:27, April 20, 2019 (EDT)
  • Hey! So, Proof is one of the toughest at-level quests - and that is stated in the article. Just because one person or one build (you or yours) has trouble doesn't mean that everyone will, or (more probably) that everyone should be surprised if they do! If you want to emphasize the first paragraph of "Tips & Misc", go ahead, but it already implies everything you just said (if not specifically). I didn't know (and afaik no one else does!) that there's a 2nd point you can summon a regular hire (you can summon a gold-seal anywhere!) - if it wasn't gold-seal, feel free to add that! Again, thanks for your contributions, past and future - readya later! C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 01:51, April 21, 2019 (EDT)


Good effort on the Ability tome, however, some incorrect information slipped in. During each reincarnation, the character goes through the character creation process, where tomes don't apply. Reincarnating characters don't benefit from tomes during character (re-)creation. -- Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 01:03, September 18, 2019 (EDT)

I had thought that re Int Tomes (the most noticeable during (re-)creation), a +2 or greater Tome = +1 Skill Point during CherGen - but now I'm realizng that I'm mis-remembering (Rogue Lvl 1, points aren't tight then). Thx, will edit. C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 11:18, September 18, 2019 (EDT)

Toxic Treatment[edit]

  1. Location of hulks is random.
  2. Perhaps in that section, mandatory stuff can be placed at the beginning (kill 5 hulks, pull lever to open gate) and mention optional/fluff stuff later? -- Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 02:31, October 18, 2019 (EDT)
  • Thanks, just picked it up, the tips were a bit thin. I like to put objectives/optionals in chronologic/topographic order, so that if you you're reading as you're questing, you don't find an optional at the bottom that say "Optional: Btw, you wanted to do this waaaay back at the start of this section..." But I think it reads better now. C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 03:01, October 18, 2019 (EDT)
    • Interesting. I've never thought about it before, but do you think it makes more sense to move the optionals on all the quest pages to the top of the objectives list? I can easily do that - it'd be a lot harder for me to have them show up in-line with the objectives and I'm guessing if we tried - we'd have to edit a lot of quest pages. Also, feel free to go through quest pages and list the objectives/optionals in chronological order in the wikitext - it won't affect how they are shown on the page at this time, but if we ever do decided to try and put them in-line, it'll make it a lot easier (faster) to just go through and change the parameter name or number to show correctly than trying to figure out the order. I've also taken the liberty of making some edits to this page and added a puzzle solving technique (complete with animated gif example). DDOstream (ContribsMessage) 11:15, October 23, 2019 (EDT)
      • Hmmm - we were speaking solely of the "Tips" section, hadn't even considered the Objectives section... <considers it for a while>, I, personally, like it the way it is. Imo "Objectives" works well in order of importance - first "required", then "optional". In quest, specific order can vary, and that can be addressed in detail in Tips. In some cases, an optional must be activated early and then be completed later - again, best in Tips etc. If a reader is unfamiliar w/ the quest, I'd think they're going to go by reading the tips more than the objectives list, and trust the in-game objectives as they come up. Also, solid policy to emphasize the basics, and leave bells and whistles at the bottom. C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 13:42, October 23, 2019 (EDT)


Hey there! I just noticed your edit summary, @ Byeshk - when you rollback, you should give a reason. For example: I'm not "removing" your last 5 edits, I'm just returning all of mine (which I still see no problem with), and adding back in your one (1) sentence., and wanted to point out that you have no control of the edit summary with a "Rollback" unlike an "Undo" in which you can modify it. For that reason, people should not use "Rollback" except in cases of blatant vandalism. If you or others would like, we can create a gadget that will hide the "Rollback" option or add a confirmation message to remind people of the purpose of rollback and suggest that "Undo" might be the more appropriate option. Thoughts? DDOstream (ContribsMessage) 10:49, November 6, 2019 (EST)

  • Ah, I was unaware of that distinction, and thought it was there for convenience, so I'm guilty of that too. (Since I was going to revert to my edits (6(?) edits prev) plus add his back in, I knew I could add the comment then.) But, yeah, some sort of "Oh, by the way..." notice explaining "Roll Back" vs. choosing an earlier "undo" might be a good idea, avoid that in the future. Or just hide it? (But then how to access it if/when it is needed? Or just always use "roll back" for whatever, never a bad thing to provide a comment - neh?) C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 18:15, November 6, 2019 (EST)

Experience point[edit]

So I reordered some sections in the article again. Here's my understanding.

  • The base quest XP is getting modified by a bunch of bonuses and penalties. All these affect the XP granted upon quest completion. I kinda like having all of these in one section.
  • If you feel strongly about separating them into groups, go ahead (as long as they are in the same parent section). But it's tricky. There are some bonuses veiled as penalties (e.g. death), some can be both (reentry).
  • I see optionals as a separate thing, they receive only a short subset of the bonuses and some penalties. That's why I feel they belong to a different section.

Generally, the article has grown over time and suffers from being very long and therefore hard to organize. Perhaps we should consider splitting it somehow. Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 03:05, November 7, 2019 (EST)

  • Right there with you re organization. (I think it had previously been ordered chronologically by whenever the last editor thought to add something, ahem.) I went back and forth several times - problematic in sub-categories, finding a reasonable "order" for each sub-section, and, yes, cumbersome overall, but not (imo) so much to need to split it up - keep everything on one page, one article. Dumping "penalties" sub-header works fine, gj. C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 14:02, November 7, 2019 (EST)

use of quest template[edit]

I have seen you edited quest Spies in the House and copied outaged content into the current version. Especially overwriting the uptodate objective parameters with the old obj version. Please don't do that.

And please find a consent with User:Dywypi how to spell directions (Capital or not; dash or not) Corgrind (ContribsMessage) 13:34, June 21, 2021 (EDT)

In a word, I didn't do that, but apparently I did make an entirely different mistake with the same end result. My edit was prompted by a sentence fragment ("You will be in the water at the bottom so buffing will be" (sic)) which cried to be corrected. I searched for an original, complete version, but unsuccessfully - and apparently then made my edit from a slightly older version of the page. My bad, am fixing the rest of the changes now. Thx for the vigilance.
Btw, technically directions should be either either one word or hynphenated, depending if you're American or British, but not capitalized - which refers to a formal region ("the Northwest"). Afaiu, DDO defaults to American spelling and so technically the Wiki defaults to same, but in practice so long as they're consistent within the article, it's fine. C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 16:37, June 21, 2021 (EDT)
I wasn't sure if it was an accident, so I thought to ask
I noted in the past that Dywypi actively updates pages with capitalized directions. I just want to prevent an edit war by accident. Since I'm not native english I will not interfere in discussions about spelling. If you think it's a good idea to check back with Dywypi, feel free Corgrind (ContribsMessage) 12:55, June 22, 2021 (EDT)
  • I think(?) that's a German thing, to capitalize nouns etc. Sad thing is, to an English speaker, it ~looks~ good! ;D C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 15:42, June 22, 2021 (EDT)

Seizing the Dawn[edit]

May I ask where you found the Clay Golems? I ran the quest again today, and I couldn't see any. PurpleSerpent (ContribsMessage) 14:49, May 6, 2022 (EDT)

(Edit) - Okay, was initially confused - My recent edit changes to StD do not include mention of Clay Golems, so... :? (They are listed under "Monsters" on that page.) BUT after digging I see that I had added StD to the "Habitats" on the Clay Golem article, so that's where this comes from - got it. Clay Golems are listed under "Monsters" in the StD list at the bottom on that page, and I must have followed that link. However, there are also visually similar "Stone Golems" listed (Stone Temple Protector), and it's not impossible that some previous editor mistook the one for the other, and I mistook that listing for what I saw. I was semi-zerging that chain slightly over-level (16) so can't swear I saw either one way or the other - I remember scanning that list, seeing "Clay Golem", and following that link and making that edit, etc. It's also possible they only show in Legendary - I ran Heroic R. C-Hound (Contribs⇑ top ⇑) 09:36, May 7, 2022 (EDT)
    • I have run the quest on both heroic and legendary difficulties and cannot see anything. Also, no Clay Golems of the right CRs for a level 14 quest are in the game files. I'm going to presume they don't spawn there. Thanks for the help. PurpleSerpent (ContribsMessage) 13:50, May 7, 2022 (EDT)