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  | image        = 
  | tag          =
  | type         = 
  | race         = 
  | sub-race     = 
  | MM type      = 
  | alignment    = 
  | cr           = <!-- {{Xpcolors|normal=|hard=|elite=|enormal=|ehard=|eelite=}} -->
  | named        = No <!-- Options: No / Yes -->
  | boss         = No <!-- Options: No / Orange / Red / Purple -->
  | color        = No <!-- Options: No / Yellow (named only) / Orange / Red -->
  | rare         = No <!-- Options: No / Yes (This will let us know if this is a monster that always spawns or not) -->
  | attack       = <!-- (Slashing/Bludgeoning/Piercing) - List its damage types and melee/ranged related weapon/special attacks -->
  | qualities    = <!-- List its special defenses (resistances, immunities, and magic related special attacks) -->
  | organization = 
  | habitat1     = 
  | hnote1       = 
  | hcr1         = <!-- if CR differs by quest / area -->
  | hslay1       = <!-- for monsters that count for 'slayer' quests -->
  | habitat2     = <!-- additional habitat# parameters can be used -->
  | hnote2       = <!-- additional hnote# parameters can be used as needed -->
  | hcr2         =
  | saying1      = 
  | saying2      = <!-- additional saying# parameters can be used -->
  | description  = 
  • |tag= refers to any "<...>" text under the monster name
  • |MM type=
    • If empty or missing will give "Unknown" and add the page to C:MM type issues/missing 985
    • |MM type=none will give "None" and add the page to C:MM type issues/none 0
    • |MM type=missing=type should be used if the monster should be in the MM but isn't with type being what it should be classified as. Will add page to the type subcat under Category:Monster Manual/missing ( 63 subcategories with a total of 0 pages )
      • If the monster is counted as the wrong type, please use |MM type=missing=type and then add a {{ Bug | Listed as type or monster instead of type in Monster Manual }} or some other appropriate description to the description section of the page.
    • |MM type=event only will give "Event only monster" and add the page to C:Monster Manual/Event Only 84
  • |cr= refers to Challenge rating. If there are multiple difficulties, use {{Xpcolors}}.
  • |boss= is used to further categorize the bosses.
  • |color= is used to denote the type of enemy for non-bosses.
  • |rare= only applies to non-bosses.
  • |organization= only applies to non-bosses that are not named.
  • |habitat#= quest or wilderness adventure area (unlinked text for page for the quest).
    • |hnote#= note about a specific habitat — Omit if not used.
    • |hcr#= CR for a specific habitat — Omit if same as 'cr'.
    • |hslay#= slayer category for a specific habitat — Omit if not relevant
      • Use |hslay#= - if habitat has slayer counts but this monster does not count for any of them.
  • |saying#= Things the monster says in say channel (overhead)
Using Numbered Parameters
  • Items using numbered parameters (e.g. habitat#, saying#) appear in numeric order (from 1), even if written in a different order. Please list them in numeric order as this makes everyone's life easier.
    • If there are duplicates, only one entry will be used.
  • Numbered parameters do not need to be sequential. It is OK to have habitat1, habitat2, habitat5.
    • Why might you do this?
      • Cluster related quests together.
      • Leave space to insert entries later without needing to renumber entire list.
    • Any limitations?
      • Keep gaps small, no more than 5-10 at most.
      • Don't add gaps needlessly. E.g. Use small gaps to separate groups of closely related habitats. If there are only 3 habitats, then they can be 1,2,3.
Habitat Parameters
  • Numbered parameters beginning with h are associated with the habitat parameter with the same number. For example, hnote2, hcr2, hslay2 all add information to habitat2. If the habitat parameter is missing then the other parameters will be ignored.


MM type issues • Monster Manual/Event Only • Monster Manual/missing • Prologue • Volume 1 • Volume 2 • Volume 3 • Volume 4 • Volume 5 • Volume 6 • Volume 7 • Volume 8


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