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DDO Compendium

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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
The site to which this page pertains has been taken down.
If you can verify that the subject still exists, please edit this page and remove this template.
DDO Compendium

The DDO Compendium was Turbine's official information source for DDO. Much of it was automatically imported directly from the game's databases. The site has been taken down as of May 2013.

Unlike DDOwiki, the compendium had many severe limitations:

  • Anonymous users may not edit at all. Anyone may edit nearly everything on the DDOwiki.
  • Registered free to play users may not edit all.
  • Registered DDO players with a premium or VIP account may only add to but not edit official entries.
  • Turbine's Contributions/Copyright policy is vague and essentially means any and all content you submit to their wiki is owned by Turbine. The DDOwiki uses the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 copyright policy.
  • All contributions to the compendium will be heavily moderated and may be removed without explanation by the moderators. DDOwiki has sysops who may act in this capacity, but all reverted edits are given clear explanations as to why, and can be fairly discussed and sometimes put back when agreed upon.
  • Your contributions to the compendium are bound by Turbine's same rules and terms of service as your activity on the official forums and MyDDO. Any breach of those rules/terms on any of the three sites could result in action against your account - across all three sites. On the DDOwiki - to date no one has been permanently banned except spam-bots.

The official description of the site from the Compendium itself is:

The Compendium contains information on nearly every quest, item, NPC, class, and race in Dungeon & Dragons Online™. Players can even use their forum account to log into the Compendium to edit!

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