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Benedictine Healer

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Benedictine Healer (L20 Cleric)[edit]

This is perhaps one of the first clerics I built although mine's a drow rather than a human. Each has its merit but since I restricted myself to 28 point build, a human was chosen due to the potential of one extra feat and that of human adaptability. With most clerics gearing towards combat casting, the feats and enhancements can be easily respec-ed to make it more offensive. The one I have here is a pure healbot but with a minor twist. I gave it spell penetration so that it can have the ability to do crowd control against mobs with spell resistance even. Most healing enhancements are full so as to bring out the best ability to heal. A decent con score for some HP as well as to get a better concentration skill.

The challenge of a healbot is huge. Over time people just disregard your ability to perform other roles and just expect you to heal them. The way to become a successful "healbot" is to mingle crowd control with healing. spells such as Soundburst, Greater Command are excellent in stopping mobs for a few seconds. This can allow the melees to take them down without any damage taken. This is what I call "preventive cleric-ing". At the higher levels, instant kill spells such as Destruction, Slay Living can become very useful helping the party take out select mobs. Usually, I'll go for the casters then archers.

A little Divine Vitality was thrown into the mix to allow friendly casting types to replenish their SP. This is a very helpful addition as it allows wonders to be performed in time of need (e.g., facing a huge crowd of mobs), DV to give wizard SP to cast web. At a cost of 1 enhancement point, the benefit obtained is way much than expected.

Level 20 Cleric
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Hit Points: 262
Spell Points: 1757
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 5
Will: 20

Abilities Base Stats (Level 1) Level Ups Enhancements Items Modified Stats (Level 20)
Strength 10 - - 6 16
Dexterity 8 - - 6 14
Constitution 14 - - 6 20
Intelligence 8 - - - 8
Wisdom 18 5 3 6 32
Charisma 12 - - 6 18
Skills (Level 20)
Concentration 23
Balance 11
Level Class Progression Feats Bonus Feats
1 Cleric Empower Healing Spell Mental Toughness
2 Cleric - -
3 Cleric Empower Spell -
4 Cleric - -
5 Cleric - -
6 Cleric Improved Mental Toughness -
7 Cleric - -
8 Cleric - -
9 Cleric Quicken Spell -
10 Cleric - -
11 Cleric - -
12 Cleric Maximize Spell -
13 Cleric - -
14 Cleric - -
15 Cleric Spell Penetration -
16 Cleric - -
17 Cleric - -
18 Cleric Greater Spell Penetration -
19 Cleric - -
20 Cleric - -
Enhancements Highest Tier
Cleric Divine Intervention I
Human Adaptability Wisdom I
Cleric Improved Empower Healing II
Racial Toughness II
Cleric Prayer of Life III
Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life III
Cleric Life Magic IV
Cleric Improved Spell Penetration III
Cleric Energy of the Zealot IV
Cleric Charisma II
Cleric Wisdom II
Cleric Divine Vitality I
Cleric Wand and Scroll Mastery IV
Slot Gear
Weapon 1 Superior Potency VI
Weapon 2 +5 Heavy Shield
Armor +5 Full Plate
Head Minos Legens
Necklace Wisdom +6
Goggles -
Trinket -
Cloak Charisma +6
Bracers Chaosgarde
Belt Disease Immunity of Greater False LifeGreater False Life: This item grants the wearer +30 maximum health.
Ring 1 Constitution +6
Ring 2 Dexterity +6
Boots Striding +30%
Gloves Strength +6


Base: 10
+5 Fullplate: +13
+5 Heavy Shield: +7
Dex 12: +1
Chaosgarde: +2
Shield of Faith: +4
Barkskin Potion: +3
Total: 40