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Item:Minos Legens

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Icon ItemSlot Head.png

Minos Legens

Minimum level 11 Minos Legens shown.jpg
Item Type Clothing / Helm
Slot Head
Race Absolutely Excluded None
Binding Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
Durability 80
Material SteelIcon tooltip.pngSteel: Steel is the common metal used to make weapons and armor.
Hardness 17
Base Value 00044200004,420ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0.10 lbs
Location Tattered Tapestries, Turn in 20 Tattered Tapestries
Minos Legens.png

Not upgradeable

Description The horns on this helm were taken from the ancient minotaur champion Scarfur Deathhoof. The gemstone is said to contain several drops of his blood.
  • The "Minos Legens" helm is popular with all classes, as its unique combination of Fortification +100%Icon tooltip.pngFortification +100%: This suit of armor or shield produces a magical force that protects vital areas of the wearer much more effectively. When a critical hit or sneak attack is scored on the wearer, there is a 100% chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is negated and damage is instead rolled normally. and 20 stacking hp make it an ideal choice for the helmet slot on most characters, even at level 20+.
  • Pre-U18 acquired "Minos Legens" helm Toughness becomes a non-augment slot Vitality +20.
  • History: Previously this helmet granted the actual Toughness feat. This became a problem as the game is heavily balanced around character hitpoints, and while the toughness feat itself doesn't grant many hitpoints - the enhancements it unlocked did. Essentially it allowed characters to drop the toughness feat and still benefit from the enhancements, so the helmet in a way could provide over a hundred hitpoints to certain characters. This was changed some time around module 6. The Toughness enchantment was changed again in Update 18 to a pre-slotted Vitality +20 Augment crystal.