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Overhead icon of bank representatives
Kundarak bankers show off their wealth in extravagant facilities

In Eberron, the dwarves of House Kundarak are the main providers of banking services. They provide a safe deposit box that can be accessed from any branch office or bank representative. Offices and representatives are present in most Stormreach districts, but also in other areas. On the map, look for the bank symbol: a yellow bag.

Bank offers the following services:

Deposit Box[edit]

Each character can store 20 items in their own deposit box, only accessible for that character. Additional bank space can be acquired by earning House Kundarak favor (up to 40 additional spaces), as well as from DDO Store (up to an additional 80 spaces (4 x 20)).

Another 20 slots can be had from each:

Maximum 220 slots.

Shared Bank[edit]

Item Storage[edit]

Unlike the regular deposit box, items from the shared bank can be accessed by all characters of that player on a particular server. Must be purchased from DDO Store. (VIPs get initial 30 slots for free, but lose the ability to deposit if the account becomes Premium.)
This is currently the only way to move Bound to Account items to another character of yours.
Maximum 395 slots (30 initial + 21 upgrades of 10 slots each + 10 slots with the Mists of Ravenloft Ultimate Fan Bundle + 10 slots with the 10th Anniversary of Free to Play Launch Bundle + 10 slots from the May 2020 VIP bonus + 20 slots from the December 2022 Double Bonus Points+ Bundle for the top tier purchase + 30 slots from the top tier of the Underdark Warrior's Coffer + 10 slots from Vecna Unleashed Ultimate Fan Bundle + 30 slots from the top tier of the Mechanized Warrior's Coffer) + 5 slots from VIP Loyalty Program + 30 slots from the top tier of the Astral Traveler's Coffer.
(The initial number of slots was increased from 20 to 30 in the Update 43 Hotfix.)
The Shared Bank has a Search bar and a Slot drop-down that let you view specific items.
NOTE: The Search field is case-sensitive.

Crafting Storage[edit]

(formerly known as Bag Deposit Box)

A shared account storage tab that can be used to hold anything that fits into a storage bag, including Ingredients, Collectibles, Augments, event items (such as Doubloons) and more! It also holds arrows and bolts.
The tab can be found by visiting a Banker in-game. Players can drag an Ingredients Bag or other bag, or a Quiver, into the UI tab to have the ingredients and other items inside automatically populate into the Crafting Storage. Free and Premium players get 12 slots automatically, and VIP players get an additional 33 slots (for a total of 45 slots.) Crafting Storage can be expanded separately (up to an additional 2000) by visiting the DDO Store.
Maximum 2012 (Premium) or 2045 (VIP) slots

Platinum Vault[edit]

Allows you to transfer in-game money between your characters on the same server. Available to VIP players or from the DDO Store.
Maximum 5,500,000 (5.5M) pp

Reincarnation Cache[edit]

Only for characters underwent Heroic/Iconic True Reincarnation previously. Withdraw only since U56 (prior to this, items that stack, such as potions, could be added to the cache, up to the maximum stack size of an already-existing stack).

Update 33 and future changes[edit]

  • Shared Account Bank and Crafting Storage UI update
  • Improved look and functionality
  • Additional character bank storage space in the future.

Banker Locations[edit]

See also: Category:Bankers

House Kundarak banking agents are located in numerous places: