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VIP Loyalty Program

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The VIP loyalty program, launched Update 67.2.1 (May 1, 2024), awards active VIPs with special gifts and perks every month.


Month Reward Applies
First-time signup bonus (month 0) +5 slots of Shared Account Storage While VIP
1st Month (month 1) Bonus +500 DDO Points. (This is in addition to the 500 DDO Points awarded every month for being VIP.) -
2nd Month (month 2) VIP Bag of Many Things -
3rd Month (month 3) +1 character slot While VIP
4th Month (month 4) +10% Item Durability Ward: Get a +10% chance to avoid item wear on all characters While VIP
5th Month (month 5) VIP Bag of Many Things -
6th Month (month 6) Lightning Storm Trail: Get a cosmetic lightning effect on your character that leaves static behind when you move (that doesn’t prevent footprints from displaying). Permanent
7th Month (month 7) VIP Artisan’s Advantage: +10% to Crafting XP. In addition, each time you click a collectible node, you get a chance to gain a Crafting Material Token. While VIP
8th Month (month 8) Greater VIP Bag of Many Things -
9th Month (month 9) VIP Discovery Boost: Get a +1% increased chance of named loot dropping for your characters in chests that stacks with Elixirs of Discovery. While VIP
10th Month (month 10) VIP Bag of Many Things -
11th Month (month 11) +5 slots of Shared Account Storage While VIP
12th Month (month 12) Storm Cloud Rider Mount: Get a cosmetic mount that looks like a storm cloud that you ride! Permanent


  • Each month’s gift may be claimed after the 1st of each month, so if you subscribe during the middle of a month you’ll get the immediate gift, and then after the 1st of the next month you’ll be eligible for the first month’s gift. This list of gifts will change in future years.
  • Speak to an NPC named Violet Peregrine located in the Hall of Heroes (located in the second half to the west). Speaking to the NPC will award the gift to your game account. You can acquire further versions of various cosmetics as well by speaking to this NPC.
  • You have to pick up the rewards every month to progress to the next reward.

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