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Definitions of various bind statuses of items. For resurrection location and its mechanism, see Spirit Binder.


Most randomly generated items are not bound to the character, and can freely be used, traded, mailed, and auctioned.

  • By using these items, they will suffer consequential permanent durability damage from a wear-and-tear effect.
  • By spending Khyber Dragonshard Fragments, players can bind their equipment at the Stone of Change .
    • Unbound items become Bound to Character; Bound to Account items remain Bound to Account.

Bound to Character (BtC)[edit]

Items that are already bound to a character and thus cannot be traded, mailed, or auctioned.

Bound to Account (BtA)[edit]

Items that are bound to an account can only be traded to a character within the same account (and server) using a Shared Bank (available through the DDO Store). Bound to Account items cannot be mailed, not even to characters on the same account. Bound items cannot be traded or auctioned.

  • Introduced with Module 9.
  • Free to Play and Premium players must purchase Account Bank access to transfer these type of items.
  • Like Bound to Character items, BtA items will not take permanent durability damage.
  • Category of items

Binds on Acquire (BoA)[edit]

Items with this status become Bound (either to Character or Account), once taken from a chest or a reward list.

Binds on Equip (BoE)[edit]

Items on this status can be traded, mailed, and auctioned, but once they are equipped they become either Bound to Character (BTCOE) or Bound to Account (BTAOE).

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