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Death Pact

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Name: Death Pact
School: Necromancy
Spell Level: Clr 8, DarkA 8, FvS 8
Components: MaterialIcon tooltip.pngMaterial: A material component is one or more physical substances or objects that are annihilated by the spell energies in the casting process. You must have the required items in your inventory. If you run out of the components, the game will not allow you to cast the spell and will instead inform you of what component is missing. The metamagic feat Eschew Materials and some enhancements in Draconic Incarnation can remove this restriction. , SomaticIcon tooltip.pngSomatic: A somatic component is a measured and precise movement of the hand. You cannot cast spells that require this component if you cannot move causing arcane spell failure resulting in a ruined spell. Spells without a somatic component may be used with disregard to Arcane Spell Failure chance. Note - that characters make the same arm gestures for most spells in DDO, so you can't tell which spells require this component by watching your character's animations., VerbalIcon tooltip.pngVerbal: A verbal component is a spoken incantation. You cannot cast spells that require this component if you cannot act or speak. Certain rare spells, such as Silence Creature, may temporarily disable spells that require verbal components., Divine FocusIcon tooltip.pngDivine Focus: A divine focus component is an item of spiritual significance. The divine focus for a Cleric, Favored Soul, or Paladin is a holy symbol appropriate to the character’s faith. This has no gameplay applications in DDO, as all characters are always considered to be carrying a divine focus component at all times and it does not require a inventory slot.
Spell Point Cost: 45
Metamagic: Quicken
Target: Self
Range: Self
Duration: Until triggered
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance:
Cooldown: 2 seconds


This spell allows you to enter a pact with your deity that brings you back to life after you are slain. While under the effects of this spell, your Constitution is decreased by 2, and cannot be restored until you rest.


Once cast, the spell stays active until it is triggered or removed through usual means (entering a quest, resting, etc.) but has no timer like usual buffs. When the character dies, the spells acts as a self-cast Raise Dead spell, then fades. The raise dead effect triggers immediately upon death. You can move away from your soul stone, but will have to accept the spell within 10 seconds of being too far away from your soul stone, or be teleported back to it.

The confirm resurrection dialog box will vanish after 30 seconds if no choice is made.

Death Pact can only be triggered once per rest period. Upon being raised by the spell, you will have a debuff that prevents any reapplication of Death Pact having any effect on you (however, it may be cast and consume your SP).

Finally, the spell will not inhibit "penalty box" mechanics of certain raid fights, where your soul stone is moved to a locked location and you are effectively out-of-commission until released or the fight is over. (i.e. The Reaver's Fate, or the Judge/Jailer fight in the Tower of Despair). The spell does not work at all in phase 4 of The Shroud.

When death is caused by "misadventure", usually due to a trap or some damage over time effects, the character is immediately revived without the usual confirmation dialog appearing. This may be useful as it skips the usual waiting period in reaper mode, but may also result in the trap or other effect immediately killing the character again.

These limitations decrease the relative usefulness of Death Pact, but the spell can be handy if no one but the caster is able to resurrect a dead party member or if there is a risk of a group wipe.