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Litany of the Dead Part 2

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The Necropolis, Part 2 adpack icon.jpg
350 DP Requires access to adventure pack: The Necropolis, Part 2

Litany of The Dead Part 2 is a story arc given out in The Necropolis. The story arc consists of five main quests.

Litany of The Dead Part 2[edit]

Misleading dialog with The Herald to rerun Shadow Crypt - selecting this can reset all Necro 2 quests!

Rerunning the Shadow Crypt[edit]

If you talk to the Herald after completing the Shadow Crypt in order to rerun the quest, doing so will also reset all four flagging quests. To rerun Shadow Crypt without repeating all four Shadow Tomb quests (DDO Forums*):

  1. Turn in The Shadow Crypt.
  2. Press L to display your quest log. All Necro 2 quests should show as "(completed)".
  3. In your quest log, select (only) one of the flagging quests* and click "Abandon".
        (* Tomb of the Shadow Lord is probably the shortest/easiest of the flagging quests for a group, although for solo play others may prove faster/eaiser.)
  4. Talk to that quest giver, and reacquire that quest. (Xaeon Penthrax gives Tomb of the Shadow Lord.)
  5. Re-run that quest, on any difficulty (Casual works fine), and turn it in again.
  6. Talk to the Herald and (safely) select the "repeat the Shadow Crypt" option.
(* Working as of May 25, 2021)

Quests Listing by Favor[edit]

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron
Tomb of the Shadow Guard 8 15 The Silver Flame
Tomb of the Shadow King 8 15 The Silver Flame
Tomb of the Shadow Knight 8 15 The Silver Flame
Tomb of the Shadow Lord 8 15 The Silver Flame
The Shadow Crypt 9 21 The Silver Flame
Total 5 Quests 81 Favor

Emerald Claw Nugget[edit]

Silver Flame Nugget[edit]

Scarab Collectibles[edit]

Scarabs are acquired in the end chest of each quest. Combine the following 5 items in the Stone of Change:

This will make a Dark Scarab Powder that needs to be turned in to Squire Rale in the Necropolis for any one of the following: