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Guild vendors

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Guild vendors are found grouped on and around Locksmith Square in southwest House Kundarak enclave, a raised area located due north of the gate to The Marketplace and due west of the Ever Full Flagon tavern. Locksmith Square appears as a purple dot "Point of Interest" on your map.

Guild vendors offer a -16.7% (1/6) discount* to members of established Guilds compared to standard vendor prices. However, to qualify to buy from one of them, a character must belong to a Guild of a (rather low) minimum Guild Level, which varies from vendor to vendor, from Guild Level 4-22 (or higher for some Guild augments). Many items bought from Guild vendors are Bound to CharacterIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character.

(* Guild Hireling vendors offer only a 9.1% (1/11) discount)

Locksmith Square also includes a mailbox, and the entrance to the quest The Lair of Summoning.

Note that Guild Airship vendors offer a similar -16.7% discount off the listed price when purchasing an airship for platinum.needs verification Note that only Guild officers in Guilds of Level 10 or higher can purchase airships for platinum. (This discount and Guild level limitation does not apply when purchasing for Astral Shards.)

Guild Vendor type Minimum
Eldin Thestral General Vendor 4
Valdis Moore Divine Reagent Vendor 6
Alembic Arcane Reagent Vendor 8
Casamir Vindberg Melee Hireling Vendor 12
Azalia Verne Arcane Hireling Vendor 14
Petrina Alsorn Divine Hireling Vendor 16
Ariel Bianchi Divine Scroll Vendor 18
Franz Alastor Arcane Scroll Vendor 18
Elmar Flask Potions Vendor 20
Mona Harper Wand Vendor 22
Mirjam Torrel Guild Augments: Tiny* 10
Gwynn Avery Guild Augments: Small* 25
Verborn Lanalas Guild Augments: Medium* 45
Halcyon Guild Augments: Large* 70
(* In Update 50, Guild Augments were rendered totally obsolete. The "Guild Crystal Vendor" NPCs have since left the square for a long-overdue holiday at Ataraxia's Haven. As such, Guild Augments can no longer be purchased.)