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Mona Harper

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Hmm, you don't look familiar. I'm sorry, but I only sell my wares to members of well-established guilds.

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Name: Mona Harper

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Location: House Kundarak, on Locksmith Square, in the southwest part of the enclave near the mailbox

Description: <Guild XXX Vendor>

Sells: Wands

Notes: Guild Vendors offer a -16.7% (1/6) discount to members of established Guilds, although each differs in the minimum Guild Level required. To qualify for this vendor, a character must belong to a Guild of Guild Level 22 or higher. Wands (20): Wand of Cure Critical Wounds, Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Wand of Cure Serious Wounds, Wand of Fireball, Wand of Fireball (8th), Wand of Lightning Bolt, Wand of Lightning Bolt (8th), Wand of Neutralize Poison, Wand of Remove Blindness, Wand of Remove Curse, Wand of Remove Disease, Wand of Remove Paralysis, Wand of Repair Light Damage, Wand of Repair Moderate Damage, Wand of Serious Damage, Wand of Resist Energy, Wand of Scorching Ray, Wand of Searing Light, Wand of Shield.