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  • Who disturbs my solitude?
  • How did you find me? No matter. You will die in this cave!
  • I summon thee, to fight for me! Do not fail me this time!
  • You're much stronger than I anticipated, but you will not leave this cave alive!
  • All these years studying arcane magic and I am thwarted by the likes of you...

Type: Aberration (List)

Race: Mind Flayer (List)

Monster Manual classification: Mind Flayer

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Color Type: Red - Strong Named Enemy

Rare: Yes

CR:  ♦15Normal


  • Egowhip (Charisma damage, will save for half)
  • Tentacle whip (Bludgeoning damage)
  • Spellcasting (Save DC 13 + spell level + mind flayers charisma bonus)
    • Mind Blast - stun effect
    • Mind Thrust - force damage, will save negates
    • Extract Brain - instakill, can only be used if the target is already stunned
    • Hold Monster (at will)
    • Dominate Monster (at will)
    • Lightning Bolt (at will)-->

Special Qualities: Spell Resistance, DR /Byeshk, Telepathy, Inertial Armor

Habitat: The Land of Barovia — accessed by being teleported to the lair through the Mysterious Mist

Description: <Arcanist Hermit>