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Euphonia Teles

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Reason: Because of an announced update to the open mechanism of Crystal Cove the dialogue sections an other parts are probably outdated
Euphonia Teles.jpg

Name: Euphonia Teles <Treasure Hunt Collector>

Race: Human

Gender: Female


Location: Smuggler's Rest

Description: <Treasure Hunt Collector> Euphonia's needs help re-assembling the Treasure Map Pieces for Grandfather Teles in order to find the way to Crystal Cove.

Notes: Currently, she is only found in Smuggler's Rest during the Treasure of Crystal Cove event. However, she used to be heavily involved in the first couple quests a new character encountered. She was the quest giver for Buy a New Weapon and was referenced in Euphonia's Mission but these quests were removed in favor of The Salvation of Korthos.

Smuggler's Rest[edit]

While the way to Crystal Cove is closed:

  • Euphonia Teles: Long ago, Treasure Map Pieces to Crystal Cove were hidden all over my island. But that secret got out, and now pirates have come to steal them!
  • Euphonia Teles: Help me out by killing the pirate swine! Bring back any Treasure Map Pieces they're carrying and put them into my Barter Box. In return, I'll take you to Crystal Cove once the whole map is assembled.
  • Euphonia Teles: We need <number> more treasure map pieces to put the whole thing together.
    • You: You'll take me to Crystal Cove?
      • Euphonia Teles: Legend has it that the caves beneath Crystal Cove are littered with countless dragonshard crystals! Whoever mines them would become rich beyond imagining.
      • Euphonia Teles: But the Cove is protected by powerful currents and treacherous tides. Once we complete the treasure map, you'll need a magical Treasure Compass to plot a safe course there.
    • You: Tell me more about this treasure map.
      • Euphonia Teles: Years ago, an old sailor found an island with huge deposits of dragonshards -- he named it Crystal Cove.
      • Euphonia Teles: He made a map to find it again. But for safekeeping, he tore it into countless pieces and hid them all over this very island!
      • Euphonia Teles: On his deathbed, the sailor told my grandfather of the map! So, my grandfather bought this island and set about re-assembling the map to Crystal Cove.
      • Euphonia Teles: But news of the treasure map spread like wildfire. Now the island is overrun with pirates looking for map pieces. I'm planning to sail for the Cove as soon as I can, but I'll need your help to put the map back together!
    • You: I have some old gear I'd like to freshen up.
      • (This opens up the Conversions of Crystal Cove barter panel where you may exchange your previous outdated gear with upgraded items of the same level)

While the way to Crystal Cove is open: