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Brunaccio Patroclus

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NPC Brunaccio Patroclus Orb.jpg

Name: Brunaccio Patroclus

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Hound of Xoriat

Affiliation(s): The Twelve


Location In Marketplace, near the entry to the Subterrane

The Chronoscope[edit]

In the raid The Chronoscope, Brunaccio Patroclus can be seen at the floating tower where Veheer F'nord coordinates Stormreach defenses.

After you defeat the Conjoined Abishai Devastator, he will tell you:

  • Brunaccio Patroclus: Thank you for your assistance with the Gann situation. I'll do what I can for Nelle.


In the quest Partycrashers, Brunaccio Patroclus can be seen near the central fountain talking to Iridor d'Phiarlan. Talking to him will make he randomly say one of those lines:

  • Brunaccio Patroclus: We cannot keep ourselves locked away in the Tower of the Twelve, blind to the goings and comings of Stormreach.
  • Brunaccio Patroclus: The Twelve must keep open relations with all the Dragonmarked Houses.
  • Brunaccio Patroclus: I do not think we shall stay here all night, but we should pay our respects to our host before leaving.
  • Brunaccio Patroclus: "The Twelve" is a reference to the twelve known dragonmarks. We are made up of individuals who've left their Houses for a greater good.