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Nelle Gann

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Nelle Gann.jpg

Name: Nelle Gann

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Affiliation(s): The Twelve

Location: The Chronoscope

Description: Daughter of Nolan Gann

Notes: She travels through time to learn about the whereabouts of her brother, Nat Gann.

The Chronoscope[edit]

when you first meet her, she is about to start her ritual, and will tell you:

  • Nelle Gann: My word, who are you?
  • Nelle Gann: Oh, please excuse my manners. I am Nelle Gann, of Stormreach's Gann family. Welcome to our excavation camp.
  • Nelle Gann: May I ask what brings you here?
  • You: Miss Nelle, your father employed us to protect you.
  • Nelle Gann: I love my Da, but he worries so!
  • Nelle Gann: Da doesn't approve of my search for my brother, but I know in my heart that he still lives! Still, if you work for my father, then you are welcome to accompany me.
  • Nelle Gann: Professor Tremas has finally deciphered this temple's runes—it'll allow us to open a portal to wherever we wish... and I wish to go to my brother, Nat Gann!
  • You: Very well, I'll go speak with this Professor Tremas then.
  • Nelle Gann: Nelle Gann smiles at you, and turns to speak to the others, These adventurers are friends of my father's. We should begin the ritual to find my brother as soon as they're ready, Professor Tremas.

Talking to her after this will make she say:

  • Nelle Gann: Professor Tremas is going to help me find my brother. Speak to him when you're ready to begin.

After you tell Tremas to start the ritual, it start:

  • Professor Tremas: Caratrix, begin channeling Nelle Gann's thoughts into the Chronoscope!
  • Professor Tremas: Now Miss Nelle, this is very important... think back to the last time you saw your brother.
  • Nelle Gann: Yes, that was in Stormreach. He was performing at his favorite spot by the Pawn Exchange... the day the Devil army attacked.
  • Nelle Gann: The Devils overwhelmed us. People were panicking, trying to flee... and I lost sight of Nat! Oh, Nat, where did you go?
  • Retcon: Mistress Nelle? Something is happening...
  • Professor Tremas: At last!
  • Dungeon Master: Nelle and her companions vanished into a portal! Before you can follow, a green creature appears of out nowhere and sneers,
  • Bazdor: Alright boys! Tremas' orders are to kill the squid-face and anyone else left here! (Start battle)

The next time you see Nelle again, she is being kept prisoner by Tremas, inside the Phoenix Tavern.

  • Nelle Gann: Can't move... help... please.

After she becomes victim of the Sliver of Time, you can talk to her:

  • Nelle Gann: I feel so tired... can't keep my eyes open... The Sliver of Time... Tremas used it to take my youth, to drain me of the time I have left. I can't believe I trusted him.
  • Nelle Gann: This is evil, powerful magic... powerful magic needs powerful mages to undo. It's too much to hope for—for a powerful mage nearby who's willing to help me.
  • You: The Twelve! I met a wizard of the Twelve named Veheer F'nord, back through a Dimension Door in the Rusty Nail!
  • Nelle Gann: Clinging to the last threads of life, Nelle wheezes out, My only hope is the Twelve. Leave me here and bring back help. Go, quickly, while I can still stay awake...

After the Silver of Time is shattered, you meet her, restored, alongside Veheer in the floating tower:

  • Nelle Gann: the city will rebuild... by the time we left, the stain of this Devil attack will be wiped away.
  • Nelle Gann: But I won't be returning to the future with you. I came to find my brother, and I caught a glimpse of him in the Phoenix Tavern being held by Devils. I don't know what happened the first time around, but in this history, Nat was taken by the Devils!
  • Nelle Gann: This time I WILL rescue him, even if I have to browbeat every Twelve wizard into attacking Shavarath
  • You: If it's your wish to stay here, then I'll return to the future and inform your father.
  • Nelle Gann: I will write my father and tell him of how you helped me. You have the Gann family's gratitude for all time.