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Veheer F'nord

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Veheer F'nord.jpg

Name: Veheer F'nord

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): The Twelve

Location: The Chronoscope, floating tower

The Chronoscope[edit]

When you first arrive at his location, he will tell you:

  • Veheer F'nord: Who are you? Why haven't you been evacuated yet?
  • You: I'm looking for a girl named Nelle Gann.
  • Veheer F'nord: Nelle? I know the girl well. Her father is an influential person here in Stormreach.
  • Veheer F'nord: I thought she and her father left the city when the first Devils appeared. But then I saw her again just a few hours ago—she was being escorted by a man calling himself Professor Tremas.
  • Veheer F'nord: I know all the academics in Stormreach, and I've never heard of this Tremas before. It was rather suspicious, but I was too busy with the Devil attack to investigate.
  • You: Tremas is working with the Devils. He set a group of them to attack us right before we came here! I need to save Nelle Gann from him.
  • Veheer F'nord: If you wish to find Nelle Gann, then you must brave the Devil army to search for her in the Marketplace.
  • Veheer F'nord: Hmm, I see that clashing with Devil forces does not frighten you in the least. Very well, head back through the Rusty Nail Tavern and out to the marketplace.
  • Veheer F'nord: Speak to Delvarrion Iravati there. He shall lower the barrier for you.
    • You: Before I go, I have some questions.
      • Veheer F'nord: We have little time, ask your questions quickly.
        • You: Can you give me any aid?
        • You: What can you tell me about the Devils?
          • Veheer F'nord: The Devil army is made up of Tieflings, Bearded Devils, and Abishai.
          • Veheer F'nord: Which would you like to know about?
            • You: Tell me about Tieflings.
              • Veheer F'nord: Tieflings almost look human, except for their horns and glowing red eyes. They are half-fiends—that's half-devils to the layman. The other half is Human.
              • Veheer F'nord: They're somewhat resistant to Fire and Electricity, but otherwise they're just as easy to kill as one of us.
              • Veheer F'nord: But, it's important to remember that they're well trained as footsoldiers in the Devil army, so they'll be tougher than some Quickfoot thug in an alley.
                • You: Lets discuss other Devils. (Back to "What can you tell me about the devils")
                • You: I have some other questions. (Back to "I have some questions")
            • You: Tell me about Bearded Devils.
              • Veheer F'nord: They make up the backbone of the Devil army.
              • Veheer F'nord: Bearded Devils are resistant to physical weapons. To counter that, your weapon must be Silver or have some type of Divine or Good-aligned trait. A Paladin's holy sword does wonders against them.
              • Veheer F'nord: But they're completely immune to Fire and Poison. And, they can Teleport, so fleeing from them is difficult.
                • You: Lets discuss other Devils. (Back to "What can you tell me about the devils")
                • You: I have some other questions. (Back to "I have some questions")
            • You: Tell me about Abishai.
              • Veheer F'nord: Those are the Devils flying about the Market. Abishai are very dangerous.
              • Veheer F'nord: They are resistant to physical weapons, except those with Holy or Good-aligned traits.
              • Veheer F'nord: I'm afraid that Silver isn't as effective against them as other Devils. There are different types of Abishai with different abilities. The Red Abishai are flying around in force right now. They will attack you with fire, and are immune to it.
                • You: Lets discuss other Devils. (Back to "What can you tell me about the devils")
                • You: I have some other questions. (Back to "I have some questions")
            • You: I have some other questions (Back to "I have some questions")
        • You: That's a different tent than the one that's usually at the center of the Market. What's happening over there?
          • Veheer F'nord: What are you talking about? That's the tent that's always been there.
          • Veheer F'nord: Ah, I understand, you are asking about all the Devil magic surrounding it.
          • Veheer F'nord: The Devils appear to be brewing some terrible magical ritual in the tent, or more accurately, in the Subterrane caverns beneath the tent.
          • Veheer F'nord: We don't know what their purpose is, but we're trying to find a solution.
    • You: Can't I get into the Marketplace from here? If you drop the barrier here, I can just jump down.
      • Veheer F'nord: There are Abishai flying around down there. If we drop the shield, they're certain to attack. I'm sorry, but I cannot risk all our lives to rescue one person.
      • Veheer F'nord: But, you can get into the Marketplace by taking the Dimension Door back through the Rusty Nail. In the alleyway outside, speak to Delvarrion Iravati, and he'll let you through.
    • You: I'm on my way now. (Walk away)

After Nelle is affected by the Sliver of Time, when you come back to him, he will say:

  • Veheer F'nord: I feel the Devil magic inside the Market tent growing in power. Their attack will come soon.
  • Veheer F'nord: Do you have news of Nelle Gann and Tremas?
  • You: I caught up with them in the Phoenix Tavern. Tremas used something called the Sliver of Time to age Nelle. She's dying! I need to know how to save her!
  • Veheer F'nord: The Sliver of Time! How did that get into Stormreach without us knowing about it?
  • Veheer F'nord: I wonder if I can sense it now... yes, it's inside that infernal Market tent at this moment. Listen carefully, the only way to save Nelle is to enter the tent and destroy the Sliver of Time!
  • Veheer F'nord: Luckily, I can give you a way in. A few hours ago, Devils created a magical portal connecting the Market tent to the Steam Tunnels in an attempt to attack our rear. We detected their presence and magically sealed the sewer entrance.
  • Veheer F'nord: Now, I shall break the seal. You'll be able to use the Devils' own portal in the Steam Tunnels to reach the tent!
  • Veheer F'nord: I'll send someone to bring Nelle here, and we shall wait for your return.
  • You: Then I'm off to destroy the Sliver of Time.

Talking to him again before fighting the raid boss will make him say:

  • Veheer F'nord: ou need to destroy the Sliver of Time in order to save Nelle Gann.
  • Veheer F'nord: If Tremas took it into the Market tent, then that is where you must go. You'll be able to use the Devils' own portal in the Steam Tunnels to reach it!
    • You: Can you give me any aid? (See above)
    • You: Then I'm off to destroy the Sliver of Time.

After you defeat the Conjoined Abishai Devastator, when you return, he will tell you:

  • Veheer F'nord: Nelle was on the verge of imminent death, but a few moments ago, her youth completely returned.
  • You: The Sliver of Time was destroyed when Tremas tried to use it on a Devil General named Suulomades.
  • Veheer F'nord: Ahh, that explains it. The Sliver's effects ended when it was destroyed.
  • Veheer F'nord: Nelle has some strange stories about where you and she came from. But I think we'll all have some strange stories to tell after today.
  • Veheer F'nord: Nat Gann is missing now, kidnapped by the Devils to their home plane on Shavarath. Nelle tells me that she'll stay with the Twelve until we figure out a way to go there and rescue him.
  • Veheer F'nord: Ridiculous, isn't it? Us opening a portal to Shavarath and counter-attacking the Devils? Ha, ha!
  • Veheer F'nord: Hmm...
  • You: Nelle will be safe then, staying with the Twelve. I should return to where... when I came from. Farewell.