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Phiarlan Carnival

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Phiarlan Carnival adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Phiarlan Carnival

The freaks are all about when the Phiarlan Carnival hits town! It’s a circus of depravity and danger, and you have front-row seats for the show. Four new extensive dungeon adventures are coming your way when the Phiarlan Carnival arrives. But the lights and the glitter hide a terrible darkness, and you’re acting without a net when you confront the Phiarlan Carnival!

Before Update 5, this Adventure Pack had been advertised as "The Carnival of Shadow" which is the traveling circus of House Phiarlan, filled with illusion, acrobatics, and exotic creatures and entertainers from across Khorvaire. In fact you will see that in this quest chain. Below are more details about the quests that make up this Adventure Pack.


Quests By Favor[edit]

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron
A Small Problem 5, 20 12 House Phiarlan
Partycrashers 5, 20 12 House Phiarlan
The Snitch 5, 20 12 House Phiarlan
Under the Big Top 5, 20 12 House Phiarlan
Total 4 Quests 48 Favor

Reward List[edit]

The end reward of the whole chain given by NPC "Rouge" after completing all of above quests (called The Maleficent Cabal in your quest journal) is a mix of items that can be pulled from one of the optional chests in the chain (e.g. Grim's Bracelet), as well as several items gainable solely from here, and 1-2 items of random loot. So a player has the chance to pull an item directly in one of the quests or get it at the end of the chain. Since Update 7, pieces of the Korthos sets (including the necklaces!) have been appearing as well, though these seem to be in *addition* to the unique Phiarlan items, rather than replacing them. The random items are BtA; the Korthos items are all BtC.

Note that you can talk to Rouge and run the chain again - in any order, as long as you do all four quests - for another reward.

Following is the list of items that can only be acquired by completing the chain.

All items are Bound to Account on Acquire other than the Korthos items, the wands, and the Shield, which are all Bound to Character.

NOTE: Named items that can appear on this quest arc's end reward list will have a 100% chance of appearing on every third completion of the story arc.