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White Plume Mountain and Other Tales

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725 DP Requires access to adventure pack: White Plume Mountain and Other Tales
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The Pen-and-paper adventure is a classic dungeon crawl, consisting of 3 separate paths filled with traps, obstacles, puzzles, and fairly powerful monsters, each leading to one of three different sentient weapons hidden at the end of each path.

The DDO offering is an adventure pack with 5 quests:

Just like most non-expansion content, the quests are free to VIP.


Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron
Kind of a Big Deal 6/21 12 The Twelve
Another Man's Treasure 6/21 15 The Twelve
Memory Lapse 6/23 12 The Twelve
The Price of Freedom 6/25 15 The Twelve
White Plume Mountain 9/32 15 The Gatekeepers*
Total 5 Quests 69 Favor
* This is one of the few quest packs that has favor with different Patrons.

Named items[edit]

See Update 39 named items. Includes adaptations of the following sentient weapons which were iconic in the original pen-&-paper module:

  • Blackrazor: originally a soul-eating greatsword, weak vs constructs and undead, grants haste, immunity to charms and fear
  • Wave: originally a "trident" (now quarterstaff for DDO) with various water powers, dehydrates enemies (half hp)
  • Whelm: originally a dwarven warhammer with shockwavey stun, true sight; good vs traditional dwarf enemies

Named items can be upgraded using Schism Shard Crafting


Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source on January 30, 2018

...we are pleased to announce our next classic adventure! An eccentric wizard has hidden three famous Sentient weapons inside of a volcano, and challenged all comers to try to retrieve them. Can you make it through fiendish obstacles and deadly traps? Have you guessed the pack yet? It's White Plume Mountain, a classic 1979 dungeon that was also recently brought to 5th Edition in the Tales from the Yawning Portal book. We'll be giving this intense test of skill the DDO treatment later this summer in an adventure pack that will also feature several other stand-alone dungeons themed around wizards and their arcane environments.

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