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Stunning Fist

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Feat stunningfist.png
Stunning Fist


Tactical Handwraps attack: A swift attack to vulnerable areas that cause your target to be stunned for a short period of time. DC = 10 + (character level/2) + Wis mod. You must be wearing Handwraps to use this attack.

  • Target: Foe, Directional, Breakable
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Save: Fortitude: 10 + (character level/2) + Wis mod + Stunning DC boosts


  • For many players, Stunning Fist is often the first, if not the preferred, initial attack that a Monk will make.
  • It can be used over twice as often as Stunning Blow, which has a 15 second cooldown. With enough ki, a monk could keep an enemy in a state of permanent stun.
  • The DC is 10 + half Character level + Wisdom modifier + Stunning DC boosts.
    • Stunning Fist's effectiveness is augmented by a Monk's WIS modifier as well as any items with Stunning enhancements.
    • Any item, Epic Destiny ability, or Epic Destiny Feats which boosts Tactics DC will also increase the effectiveness of Stunning Fist.
  • Stunning Fist does work on living constructs (such as Warforged). It does not work on constructs, elementals or undead.
  • Stunning Fist does not work in Druid Wild Shape even while wearing handwraps or unarmed.
  • Monks may select this feat as one of their martial arts feats.