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Drow Elf race

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A typical Eberronian Drow Elf
A typical Forgotten Realms Drow Elf


Drow elves are Elf type monsters.

Drow Elves in Eberron[edit]

Drow elves are basically similar to all other elves (Aerenal, Valenar, or Khorvaire). Approximately 39,000 years ago Elves were slaves to the Giants of the Xen'Drik continent. After a war with invaders from the Plane of Dal Quor nearly ruined the Giant's civilization and wrecked the continent, the elves rose up in rebellion against the giants. Many fled Xen'Drik, landing on an island continent they named Aerenal.

The elves that remained on Xen'Drik became the known as the drow elves. Delving deep underground or wandering the lush jungles of the continent, the drow became more powerful than their blood brethren, and yet more distanced and distrustful from the cultures of friendly races.

Drow often worship a scorpion god called Vulkoor, often depicted with the lower body of a scorpion and the upper body of a drow. The drow of Menechtarun are believed to especially do so, to the point that they are sometimes addressed as the Vulkoorim. They revere all types of scorpions and consider other arachnids to be lesser servants of Vulkoor. Many researchers believe that Vulkoor is an incarnation of the Mockery. Many religious drow scar themselves using scorpion venom to leave white scars on their black skin.

Drow Elves in the Forgotten Realms[edit]

Drow were once known as Dark Elves. In -30000 DR their goddess Araushnee betrayed her fellow Seldarine and, along with Ghaunadaur, Vhaeraun, Malar and others they tried to invade Arvandor. Afterwards Araushnee was cast into the Abyss, where she took the name Lolth.

Of the dark elf nations, Ilythiir and Miyeritar, Ilythiir was the most powerful. During the First Crown War, the Ilythiiri made several unsuccessful attempts to conquer Faerûn and at the time of the Fourth Crown War, they turned to Lolth and the other outcast Seldarine in the Demonweb Pits who gave them powerful magic and fiendish allies as a reward for their allegiance.

After many malicious acts and abuses of elven magic, Corellon Larethian banished the Lolth's followers to the Underdark, where most of the drow in the Forgotten Realms still reside. Here, drow city-states are spread throughout the world, bastions of evil and demonic dealings sanctioned by the Spider Queen. Chief among these cities in DDO is Sschindylryn.


Drow elves stand between 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 feet tall, and typically weigh between 95 and 135 pounds, with only marginal differences between men and women. Their skin tends to be so black in color it may appear to have a bluish or purplish sheen; in contrast, their hair is almost always a brilliant, shining white. The colors of drow elf eyes range generally from maroon to bright red, though some drow elves have been noted to have an extremely light pink close to the color grey or even completely white eyes; if this is a sign of power, or some strange trait carried through the bloodlines of drow families, none can tell the answer. Neither males nor females grow any facial or body hair, apart from that on their heads and scalp. An elf is considered an adult about 110 years old, and can often live to be well over 700 years old.


Drow elves are generally more cunning and charismatic than other "typical" elves, able to think faster on their toes and intimidate or sweet-talk other beings in a more fashioned manner than the other elves; this does not indicate that they are any wiser. They most likely gained their heightened physical prowess from their conflicted and blood-filled history serving time as giantese slaves or waging war against their captors. However, they are not as skilled as their kin in the use of ranged weapons such as the longbow and shortbow, preferring the use of light melee and throwing weapons including the short-sword, rapier and shuriken (in pencil & paper, the Drow use a three-pronged boomerang instead of shuriken). Drow elves are equally dexterous and frail as their blood brethren.

Poisons are favored by the drow of the Underdark, especially a powerful knockout poison made from a slippery black fungus growing in certain Underdark caverns, but other poisons can be made from purple worms, scorpions, and spiders.


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