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Outpost Archer

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  • When you die...I hope you suffer...
  • May you bathe in your own blood, surfacer!
  • Umpfh!
  • I'm dying?! It can't be!
  • You shouldn't have come here!
  • Death to enemies of the Drow!
  • Don't think you've won.
  • I'll never...stop fighting...
  • Come and get me!
  • Is that all you've got?
  • Why won't you stand still?!
  • Come and get me!
  • Tethyamar belongs to the Drow!
  • Die, surfacer scum!
  • Fight me to the death!
  • Intruder! Attack!
  • You will never come between us and the Jewels!
  • Another will come to strike you down...
  • Why don't you run back home to your Dwarves?
  • You'll die before you get past me!
  • Intruders get an arrow to the skull!

Type: Elf (List)

Race: Drow Elf (List)

Monster Manual classification: Drow

Alignment: Unknown

Rare: No

CR:  ♦16Normal ♥19Hard ♠23Elite ♦32Epic Normal

Attack: Bow (Piercing + Acid + Crippling Hit)

Special Qualities: Drow Traits, See Invisibility


Description: Drow bow wielding guards who patrol around their outposts.