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Collectables are found either in treasure bags dropped by creatures you kill or from collectable nodes (e.g. bookcases, mushrooms) you find in the quest landscape.

Collectables come in sets of three, each item of a different rarity, desired by a particular collector. Collectables are also crucial elements of Cannith crafting recipes.

Creatures of a given type drop the same set every time. For example giant type creatures always drop talismans (like Amulet of the Lost Empire) throughout the game.

Collectable nodes[edit]

A collectable node is a quest feature where collectables may be dropped. It can take many forms, such as a pile of Rubble, an Adventurer's Pack, a Crude Altar, and more. The node is surrounded by floating sparkles until your character has collected from it.

Each node drops collectable sets of a related type. For example, mushrooms drop collectables from a set with an organic feel, such as a fungus or insect, but not books or documents. The sets dropped by a particular collectable device also depend upon the quest tier.

It is worth noting that, unlike chests, collectable nodes cannot ransack. A character may thus farm collectables from a single node indefinitely without penalty.


Each collectable set includes one common item, one uncommon item, and one rare item. For example, the religious icon set consists of String of Prayer Beads (common), Small Wooden Idol (uncommon), and Icon of Khyber (rare). The chance of each rarity being dropped is:

  • 75% common
  • 20% uncommon
  • 5% rare


Tier is based on effective level rather than base level. So, for example, if you were to run a level 5 quest on normal, you would get the tier 1 collectables; but if you ran it on hard, you would get the tier 2 collectables. Treasure Bags are unaffected by tier.

Collectable devices drop collectable sets based on the level tier of the quest in which they are found.

  • Tier 1: Levels 1–5
  • Tier 2: Levels 6–10
  • Tier 3: Levels 11–15
  • Tier 4: Levels 16–20
  • Tier 5: Levels 21–25
  • Tier 6: Levels 26+


All Cannith Crafting recipes (except for Minimum Level shards and ammunition) use collectables. There are 113 Cannith Crafting collectables.

Any collectable can be found in an Adventurer's Pack or Rubble. Collectables of each type can be found can be additionally found in

Note that the numbers of several collectables appear to have been changed. Tier 4 lore collectables still have Cryptic Message, which is now classified as tier 3, as their common drop.[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.png"Tier 4 lore collectables still have Cryptic Message, which is now classified as tier 3, as their common drop." has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

Rarity Arcane Cultural Lore Natural
(12)Icon tooltip.pngAmber Vial • Vial of Pure Water • Vial of Contagion • String of Prayer Beads • Small Wooden Idol • Icon of Khyber • Page Torn from a Research Notebook • Khyber Prayer Pamphlet • Tome: Prophecies of Khyber • Sweet Whitecap • Deadly Feverblanch • Pale Creeper
1–5 Common Collectableicon AmberVial.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmber Vial, Tier 1 Arcane, Common Reagent Collectableicon StringOfPrayerBeads.gif Icon tooltip.pngString of Prayer Beads, Tier 1 Cultural, Common Religious Icon Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Icon tooltip.pngPage Torn from a Research Notebook, Tier 1 Lore, Common Document Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Icon tooltip.pngSweet Whitecap, Tier 1 Natural, Common Mushroom
Uncommon Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Icon tooltip.pngVial of Pure Water, Tier 1 Arcane, Uncommon Reagent Collectableicon SmallWoodenIdol.gif Icon tooltip.pngSmall Wooden Idol, Tier 1 Cultural, Uncommon Religious Icon Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Icon tooltip.pngKhyber Prayer Pamphlet, Tier 1 Lore, Uncommon Document Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Icon tooltip.pngDeadly Feverblanch, Tier 1 Natural, Uncommon Mushroom
Rare Collectableicon VialOfContagion.gif Icon tooltip.pngVial of Contagion, Tier 1 Arcane, Rare Reagent Collectableicon IconOfKhyber.gif Icon tooltip.pngIcon of Khyber, Tier 1 Cultural, Rare Religious Icon Collectableicon TomePropheciesOfKhyber.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Prophecies of Khyber, Tier 1 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngPale Creeper, Tier 1 Natural, Rare Mushroom
(24)Icon tooltip.pngResearch Diary • Necromantic Gem • Withered Cryptmoss • Cryptmoss Worm Larva • Cryptmoss • Cryptmoss Worm • Lush Cryptmoss • Cryptmoss Queen • Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857YK • Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik • Phoenix Tavern Purchase Order • Caravan Logbook • Blade of the Dark Six • Funerary Token • Signet of the Devourer • Mark of the Keeper • Shamanic Totem • Luminescent Dust • Glittering Dust • Skull Fragment • Powdered Blood • Intact Fingerbone • Sparkling Dust • 'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest
6–10 Common Collectableicon SkullFragment.gif Icon tooltip.pngSkull Fragment, Tier 2 Arcane, Common Forensics Collectableicon GlitteringDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngGlittering Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Common Pigment Collectableicon BladeOfTheDarkSix.gif Icon tooltip.pngBlade of the Dark Six, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Primitive Tools Collectableicon FuneraryToken.gif Icon tooltip.pngFunerary Token, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Morbid Curios Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Icon tooltip.pngCaravan Logbook, Tier 2 Lore, Common Document Collectableicon PhoenixTavernPurchaseOrder.gif Icon tooltip.pngPhoenix Tavern Purchase Order, Tier 2 Lore, Common Financial Records Collectableicon WitheredCryptmoss.gif Icon tooltip.pngWithered Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Common Moss Collectableicon CryptmossWormLarva.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss Worm Larva, Tier 2 Natural, Common Moth
Uncommon Collectableicon PowderedBlood.gif Icon tooltip.pngPowdered Blood, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon Forensics Collectableicon SparklingDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngSparkling Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon Pigment Collectableicon SignetOfTheDevourer.gif Icon tooltip.pngSignet of the Devourer, Tier 2 Cultural, Unommon Primitive Tools Collectableicon MarkOfTheKeeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngMark of the Keeper, Tier 2 Cultural, Uncommon Morbid Curios Collectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Icon tooltip.pngResearch Diary, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon Document Collectableicon WavecrasherCargoManifest.gif Icon tooltip.png'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon Financial Records Collectableicon Cryptmoss.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon Moss Collectableicon CryptmossWorm.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss Worm, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon Moth
Rare Collectableicon IntactFingerbone.gif Icon tooltip.pngIntact Fingerbone, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare Forensics Collectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngLuminescent Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare Pigment Collectableicon ShamanicTotem.gif Icon tooltip.pngShamanic Totem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Primitive Tools Collectableicon NecromanticGem.gif Icon tooltip.pngNecromantic Gem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Morbid Curios Collectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Myths of Old Xen'drik, Tier 2 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon TomeStormreachImportsAndExports857Yk.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857YK, Tier 2 Lore, Rare Financial Records Collectableicon LushCryptmoss.gif Icon tooltip.pngLush Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Rare Moss Collectableicon CryptmossQueen.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss Queen, Tier 2 Natural, Rare Moth
(33)Icon tooltip.pngTome: History of the Houses • House-Sealed Letter • Bruised Spore Pod • Sour Darkcap • Executioner Beetle • Fragrant Drowshood • Flowering Spore Pod • Headsman Beetle • Intact Spore Pod • Duskbrood Trumpeter • Flowering Hellscap • Romantic Sonnet • Scholarly Notes • Silver Flame Hymnal • Tome: Lost Songs of Cyre • Runic Parchment • Tome: Codes of the Aurum • Amulet of the Lost Empire • Small Planar Crystal • Planar Spoor • Amulet of the Six • Amulet of the Archbishop • Planar Talisman • Elemental Ingot • Lightning-Split Soarwood • Ceramic Bowl • Lodestone • Singed Soarwood • Glass Phial • Charred Soarwood • Moonstone • Crystal Decanter • Stellar Orb
11–15 Common Collectableicon CeramicBowl.gif Icon tooltip.pngCeramic Bowl, Tier 3 Arcane, Common Apparatus Collectableicon SingedSoarwood.gif Icon tooltip.pngSinged Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Common Soarwood Collectableicon Lodestone.gif Icon tooltip.pngLodestone, Tier 3 Arcane, Common Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheLostEmpire.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmulet of the Lost Empire, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Talisman Collectableicon PlanarCrystal.gif Icon tooltip.pngSmall Planar Crystal, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Infernal Essence Collectableicon SmolderingEmber.gif Icon tooltip.pngSmoldering Ember, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Elemental Essence Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Icon tooltip.pngRunic Parchment, Tier 3 Lore, Common Intelligence Collectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Icon tooltip.pngRomantic Sonnet, Tier 3 Lore, Common Lyric Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptic Message, Tier 3 Lore, Common Document Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Icon tooltip.pngBruised Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Common Medicinal Spore Collectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Icon tooltip.pngSour Darkcap, Tier 3 Natural, Common Fungus Collectableicon DuskbroodTrumpeter.gif Icon tooltip.pngDuskbrood Trumpeter, Tier 3 Natural, Common Beetle
Uncommon Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Icon tooltip.pngGlass Phial, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon Apparatus Collectableicon CharredSoarwood.gif Icon tooltip.pngCharred Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon Soarwood Collectableicon Moonstone.gif Icon tooltip.pngMoonstone, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheSix.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmulet of the Six, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Talisman Collectableicon PlanarSpoor.gif Icon tooltip.pngPlanar Spoor, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Infernal Essence Collectableicon PolishedOre.gif Icon tooltip.pngPolished Ore, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Elemental Essence Collectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Icon tooltip.pngHouse-Sealed Letter, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon Intelligence Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Icon tooltip.pngSilver Flame Hymnal, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon Lyric Collectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Icon tooltip.pngScholarly Notes, Tier 3 Lore, Unommon Document Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Icon tooltip.pngIntact Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Medicinal Spore Collectableicon CrimsonNightshade.gif Icon tooltip.pngFragrant Drowshood, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Fungus Collectableicon HeadsmanBeetle.gif Icon tooltip.pngHeadsman Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Beetle
Rare Collectableicon CrystalDecanter.gif Icon tooltip.pngCrystal Decanter, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Apparatus Collectableicon LightningSplitSoarwood.gif Icon tooltip.pngLightning-Split Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Soarwood Collectableicon StellarOrb.gif Icon tooltip.pngStellar Orb, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheArchbishop.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmulet of the Archbishop, Tier 3 Cultural, Rare Talisman Collectableicon PlanarTalisman.gif Icon tooltip.pngPlanar Talisman, Tier 3 Cultural, Rare Infernal Essence Collectableicon ElementalIngot.gif Icon tooltip.pngElemental Ingot, Tier 3 Cultural, Rare Elemental Essence Collectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: History of the Houses, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Intelligence Collectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Lost Songs of Cyre, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Lyric Collectableicon TomeCodesOfTheAurum.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Codes of the Aurum, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngFlowering Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Medicinal Spore Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Icon tooltip.pngFlowering Hellscap, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Fungus Collectableicon ExecutionerBeetle.gif Icon tooltip.pngExecutioner Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Beetle
(17)Icon tooltip.pngBlessed Candle • Ruddy Fungus • Chipped Bone Talisman • Sanguine Moth • Bloodfeast Fungus • Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook • Academic Treatise • Tear of Vulkoor • Ivory Scorpion Icon • Silver Bowl • Ritual Athame • Cryptic Message • Swaying Mushroom Cluster • Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod • Polished Ore • Vial of Heavy Water • Ritual Candle
16–20 Common Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Icon tooltip.pngBlessed Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common Ritual Paraphernalia Collectableicon ChippedBoneTalisman.gif Icon tooltip.pngChipped Bone Talisman, Tier 4 Cultural, Common Drow Artifact Collectableicon RuddyFungus.gif Icon tooltip.pngRuddy Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Common Fungus
Uncommon Collectableicon SilverBowl.gif Icon tooltip.pngSilver Bowl, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon Ritual Paraphernalia Collectableicon IvoryScorpionicon.gif Icon tooltip.pngIvory Scorpion Icon, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Drow Artifact Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Icon tooltip.pngAcademic Treatise, Tier 4 Lore, Uncommon Text Collectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Icon tooltip.pngBloodfeast Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon Fungus
Rare Collectableicon RitualAthame.gif Icon tooltip.pngRitual Athame, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Ritual Paraphernalia Collectableicon TearOfVulkoor.gif Icon tooltip.pngTear of Vulkoor, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Drow Artifact Collectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Alchemist's Chapbook, Tier 4 Lore, Rare Text Collectableicon SanguineMoth.gif Icon tooltip.pngSanguine Moth, Tier 4 Natural, Rare Fungus
(15)Icon tooltip.pngZygomycota Fungus • Stone Fetish • Warehouse Ledger • Encoded Communique • Mystical Formula • Slime Mold • Glowmoss Spores • Blister Beetle • Scarlet Cryptmoss • Glowmoss Clump • Oceanic Sphere • Mortar and Pestle • Fractured Femur • Prismatic Dust • Smoldering Ember
21–25 Common Mortar and Pestle icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngMortar and Pestle, Tier 5 Arcane, Common Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Icon tooltip.pngRitual Candle, Tier 5 Arcane, Common Antiquity Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Icon tooltip.pngMystical Formula, Tier 5 Lore, Common Text Slime Mold icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngSlime Mold, Tier 5 Natural, Common Collectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngSwaying Mushroom Cluster, Tier 5 Natural, Common Ingredient Zygomycota Fungus icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngZygomycota Fungus, Tier 5 Natural, Common
Uncommon Fractured Femur icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngFractured Femur, Tier 5 Arcane, Uncommon Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Icon tooltip.pngVial of Heavy Water, Tier 5 Arcane, Uncommon Antiquity Stone Fetish icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngStone Fetish, Tier 5 Cultural, Uncommon Warehouse Ledger icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngWarehouse Ledger, Tier 5 Lore, Uncommon Glowmoss Spores icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngGlowmoss Spores, Tier 5 Natural, Uncommon Collectableicon PolishedOre.gif Icon tooltip.pngSwaying Mushroom Spore Pod, Tier 5 Natural, Uncommon Ingredient Blister Beetle icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngBlister Beetle, Tier 5 Natural, Uncommon
Rare Prismatic Dust icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngPrismatic Dust, Tier 5 Arcane, Rare Collectableicon StellarOrb.gif Icon tooltip.pngOceanic Sphere, Tier 5 Arcane, Rare Antiquity Encoded Communique icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngEncoded Communique, Tier 5 Lore, Rare Scarlet Cryptmoss icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngScarlet Cryptmoss, Tier 5 Natural, Rare Collectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngGlowmoss Clump, Tier 5 Natural, Rare Ingredient
(12)Icon tooltip.pngOrnate Charm • Shimmering Spore Pod • Adventuring Oratorio • Token of the Spider • Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink • Hairy Trumpet Mushroom • Archaic Logbook • Pouch of Bone Fragments • Crypt Moth • Ancient Text • Flint Knife • Brass Censer
26+ Common Brass Censer icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngBrass Censer, Tier 6 Arcane, Common Flint Knife icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngFlint Knife, Tier 6 Cultural, Common Ancient Text icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngAncient Text, Tier 6 Lore, Common Crypt Moth icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngCrypt Moth, Tier 6 Natural, Common
Uncommon Pouch of Bone Fragments icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngPouch of Bone Fragments, Tier 6 Arcane, Uncommon Ornate Charm icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngOrnate Charm, Tier 6 Cultural, Uncommon Archaic Logbook icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngArchaic Logbook, Tier 6 Lore, Uncommon Hairy Trumpet icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngHairy Trumpet, Tier 6 Natural, Uncommon
Rare Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngVial of Dragon's Blood Ink, Tier 6 Arcane, Rare Token of the Spider icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngToken of the Spider, Tier 6 Cultural, Rare Adventuring Oratorio icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngAdventuring Oratorio, Tier 6 Lore, Rare Shimmering Spore Pod icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngShimmering Spore Pod, Tier 6 Natural, Rare

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