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Icon Enhancement Poison Exploit.png


Ninjutsu are four special toggled enhancements that activate on completing a Touch of Despair finishing move. Training is available from tiers 1 through 4 of the class tree.

Only one Ninjutsu effect can be toggled at a time. You may choose any Ninjitsu ability to train first at tier 1.

Ninjutsu uses no ki and is applied based on the DC of the Touch of Despair finisher, and shares the same cooldown.

On login, any Ninjutsu effects are off and must be activated.

You may freely toggle between Ninjutsu while a Touch of Despair finisher is charged without breaking the finisher.

Icon Enhancement Impending Doom.png Impeding Doom: If the enemy affected by your Touch of Despair dies within the next 30 seconds, you gain 25 Ki and 25 temporary hit points. Enemies immune to your Touch of Despair cannot be Doomed.

Icon Enhancement Poison Exploit.png Poison Exploit: On a failed saving throw, your Touch of Despair finisher purges an enemy of Ninja Poison, dealing 1d20 poison damage per stack of Ninja Poison removed.

Icon Enhancement Poisoned Soul.png Poisoned Soul: On a failed saving throw, your Touch of Despair finisher also causes your opponent to gain a stack of Ninja Poison every 6 seconds for 30 seconds.

Icon Enhancement Wave of Despair.png Wave of Despair: Your Touch of Despair finisher also causes all nearby enemies to suffer one negative level.

All four Ninjutsu abilities must be trained as a prerequisite for Touch of Death.