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Touch of Death

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Touch of death.jpg

Touch of Death[edit]

Type: Monk negative energy attack enhancement


Target: Enemy

Ki cost to use: 50

Description: You strike your opponent down with twisted ki, dealing 500 additional negative energy damage. A successful Fortitude save reduces the damage to half (the DC is 10 + Monk level + Wisdom modifier).

Before other Monks receive the save-or-die Quivering Palm feat attack at level 15, this dreaded trademark "dark Monk" attack arrives at character level 12, which can instantly kill many powerful mid-level enemies.

As this ability is powered by a Monk's ki, the monk can use this ability as long as there is ki to generate through striking (or being struck) by enemies. There is a cooldown of about 15 seconds between uses.

The Touch of Death enhancement is a spell-like ability. It is not a finishing move. The Touch of Death (as with most monk abilities) is not affected by a beholder's anti-magic cone effect that stymies spell casting.

As of Update 19, the Touch of Death works unarmed as well as any ki weapon.

As a tier 5 enhancement, selecting this enhancement will restrict the character from accessing any other tier 5 enhancements from all other class trees other than Ninja Spy.