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Forest Warden

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Forest Warden (L20 Ranger)[edit]

The Forest Warden is a Dexterity-based tempest dual scimitar wielder. His flurry of attacks make him a feared opponent. He has some minor spell casting ability to ensure his ability to perform under all conditions. The casting ability can be enhanced with a ring with healing crit bonuses and Devotion bonuses on it. With an emphasis on Dexterity, along with the enhancement that gives Dexterity as the damage and attacking stat, he becomes both a decent warrior as well as a bit more durable with a better armor class at the same time. Favored enemies are chosen based on the general population of mobs in the more common quests. One should try to look for a +5 mithral breastplate or Kundarak Delving Suit (dragon raid loot) so that even a higher AC may be achieved. In the wilds, the warden is able to charm animals into helping turn the tide of the battle. While the melee prowess of this build is evident, the ranged abilities are lacking due to few AP designated to those trees.

The main problem with this build is its relative weakness at lower levels. It is a poor combatant at the lower levels due to the lack of attack bonuses. At the higher levels, this is offset by the availability of the elven weapon enhancements. Despite to the ferocity of his attacks, aggro can be hard to manage with a warden with a poor Charisma and no points dedicated to the Intimidate skill.

Level 20 Ranger True Neutral Elf Male
Hit Points: 292
Spell Points: 260
BAB: 20\20\25\30\30
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 24
Will: 5

Abilities Base Stats (Level 1) Level Ups Enhancements Items (Level 11) Modified Stats (Level 20)
Strength 10 0 0 6 16
Dexterity 20 5 4 6 35
Constitution 14 0 0 6 20
Intelligence 8 0 0 0 8
Wisdom 8 0 0 6 14
Charisma 8 0 0 0 8
Skill Level 20
Jump 21
Hide 23
Move Silently 23
Spot 23
Balance 11
Tumble 1
Tree: Elf Tree: Deepwood Stalker Tree: Tempest
Elven Accuracy I Far Shot Shield of Whirling Steel
Elven Dexterity I Sneak Attack Tempest
Elven Accuracy II Exposing Strike Graceful Death
Elven Dexterity II Favored Protection (Rank 3) Deflect Arrows
Elven Accuracy III Stealthy (Rank 2) Whirlwind
Valenar Weapon Training I Survivalist I Dervish
Valenar Weapon Training II Faster Sneaking (Rank 2) Improved Reaction (Rank 3)
Survivalist II Improved Defense (Rank 3)
Thrill of the Hunt (Rank 1) Whirling Blades I
Favored Hunter (Rank 3) Improved Parry (Rank 3)
Improved Dodge (Rank 3)
Whirling Blades II
Sprint Boost (Rank 3)
Improve Mobility (Rank 3)
Critical Mastery (Rank 3)
Whirling Blades III
Dexterity I
Elaborate Parry (Rank 2)
The Growing Storm (Rank 2)
Whirling Blades IV
Dexterity II
Dual Perfection
Evasive Dance (Rank 1)
Many Cuts (Rank 3)
Whirling Blades V
Level Class Progression Feats Bonus Feats
1 Ranger Dodge Favored Enemy: Undead
2 Ranger
3 Ranger Mobility
4 Ranger
5 Ranger Favored Enemy: Giant
6 Ranger Spring Attack
7 Ranger
8 Ranger
9 Ranger Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
10 Ranger Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider
11 Ranger
12 Ranger Toughness
13 Ranger
14 Ranger
15 Ranger Power Attack Favored Enemy: Aberration
16 Ranger
17 Ranger
18 Ranger Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
19 Ranger
20 Ranger Favored Enemy: Elf


Item data taken from Cannith Crafting possibilities at level 11

Slot Item
Weapon 1 Scimitar +4
Weapon 2 Scimitar +4
Armor Chain Shirt +4
Head Minos Legens
Necklace Wisdom +6
Cloak Disease Ward +5
Bracers Chaosgarde
Belt False Life +23
Ring 1 Constitution +6 of Protection +5
Ring 2 Dexterity +6
Boots Striding +16% / Speed III
Gloves Strength +6


At Level 11
Base: 10
+4 Chain Shirt: +7
Dex 22: +6
Chaosgarde: +2
Protection +5: +5
Tempest Enhancement: +4
Ranger Barkskin: +5
Total: 39