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Armor check penalty

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Armor check penalty (ACP) is a penalty to some skills due to the restrictiveness of certain armors and shields.

The following are subject to Armor check penalty:

Armor check penalties from armors and shields stack.

Non-proficiency penalties[edit]

ACPs always apply to your skills. Non-proficiency with an armor or shield causes its Armor check penalty to apply to your attack rolls as well.

Carrying capacity[edit]

Carrying capacity also can cause an Armor check penalty.

Note that medium encumbrance does not give any visual feedback, except that you run slightly slower. This may lead to unexpected deaths while swimming.

Reducing armor check penalties[edit]

Armor and Shields[edit]

  • Mithral armor and shields have reduced armour check penalties (usually by 3).
  • Nimbleness reduces armor check penalties by 2 or 4.


Other items[edit]


Note that light armors have a base armor check penalty of 0 (leather) or 1 (chain), so reductions beyond this level do nothing. Enhancements with reductions to armor check penalty usually increase maximum dexterity bonus as well; reducing the check penalty is just a bonus effect.



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