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Epic Crafting

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Select named items can be upgraded into powerful Epic versions by collecting rare scrolls, seals, and shards. These Epic rewards can then be further customized with Augment Crystals, permanently adding new effects to your items.

Creating Epic Items

Altar of Epic Rituals[edit]

The Altar of Epic Rituals allows upgrading of various items into Epic or more powerful versions via Epic Crafting. It is located in the enclave of The Twelve, just southwest of the tower itself. It can be reached by taking a path in that direction at the tower-end of the bridge.

Besides upgrading Epic named items, this is also the location to create The Master's Gift.

Lahar, epic trader earth elemental, is also found here.

Creating Epic Items[edit]

First you find a normal, Heroic version of the item, and you collect three objects in the Epic version of the quest - the scroll, shard and seal by the same name as the item you wish to upgrade. Put those four items together in the Altar of Epic Rituals in The Twelve, and you have your Epic version of the item.

All epic items created are minimum level 20, and most are Bound to CharacterIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character. Exceptions to the latter are epic items created in Smuggler's Rest, and Tier 1-2 items from Epic Challenges. These exceptions are all Bound to Account; they also don't require a Scroll, Seal, or Shard to craft. Epic non-weapon items from Update 13 quests do require a Scroll, Seal and Shard, but are Bound to Account; epic weapons from these same quests are Bound to CharacterIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character. Likewise. Tier 3 Epic Challenge items are Bound to CharacterIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character: This item is Bound to Character.

For example, if you want an Epic Antique Greataxe, you'll need to farm the appropriate quest for...
  • a heroic Antique Greataxe (Heroic or Epic version of quest)
  • a Scroll of the Antique Greataxe (Epic version of quest)
  • a Seal of the Antique Greataxe (Epic version of quest)
  • a Shard of the Antique Greataxe (Epic version of quest or chain)
Once you have all of those, you can create the Epic version of the item.

Scrolls drop from monsters in the same quest where you find the item. When a scroll drops, it is randomly assigned to a party memberU8. Scrolls are not bound, and can be freely traded, so you may also find one on the Auction House or Astral Shard Exchange.

Depending on the quest, Seals may drop from one or all chests in a quest/raid. For Example: All the chests in Epic Chamber of Raiyum will have a chance to drop Seals, but Epic Partycrashers will only drop seals in the final "Epic chest".

Shards are only from end chests, or (in some cases) from the end-chest to a chain, e.g. Web of Chaos items. Check the epic item(s) you are seeking to make sure you're looking in the right place.

Both Seals and Shards become Bound to Account upon acquire. These items may only be traded* via the chest loot window, before claiming items from that chest. Scrolls, Seals, and Shards stack and count as "Ingredients", so may end up in a green ingredients bag.

(* To "trade" a "Bound to Account/Character" item that you find in a chest, do not loot it - right-click the item as listed in the chest and select the party member you wish to assign it to. They must then loot the chest for that item, as normal.)

Note that when "upgrading" to an Epic version, the Heroic version is actually destroyed in the process and a new Epic item created. This has multiple implications:

  • Any permanent damage previously taken on the original item disappears in this processsource.
  • Any Alchemical Eldritch Rituals done on the Stone of Change will be gone.
  • Any Mythic or Reaper bonuses on heroic base item are lost.
  • Augments are lost.
Example of Augment Slots: Epic Thornlord has colorless and red slots

Augment Slots[edit]

Most epic items have at least one Augment Slot.

Note: As of Update 17, the old Augment system for epic items was replaced with the new Augment Slot system. However, existing epic slotted items and crystals are unchanged. See Epic Crafting/Augment Crystal Table for old version costs and effects.

Clearing Augment Slots / Cleansing Ritual / Upgrading changed item[edit]

If you want to clear any Augment Slots that are filled, you can use the Cleansing Ritual. This is also the process you'll want to use if you have an old version that you want to upgrade to an updated version.

  • Warning: This recipe essentially DESTROYS the item and creates a new blank copy. The new copy will be exactly the same as if you put a new base item, Epic Scroll, Seal and Shard in to do it.


  • You will lose ALL added effects on the item, including:
    • Filled Augments
    • Eldritch Rituals
    • Armor Kits applied to Armor
    • Everything added after the point you got it
  • Temporary Red Augment Crystals from Devil's Assault (Only semi-workaround)
    • As they will clear by themselves after 100 hours, and allow you to change the Red Slot without losing other properties.
Essence of the Helm of Frost
  • Exclusive items and temporary Essence items
    • Since internally this both creates and destroys the item at the same time, it can't function directly on Exclusive items, as the new copy would destroy itself since two can't exist in your inventory, while the old copy is still destroyed.
    • Due to this Turbine implemented a workaround: For such items, the Ritual doesn't create a new item, but instead creates an "Essence" of that item, which will automatically go into your ingredients bag.
    • You'll then need to take it out, and place it back into the Altar to turn that Essence into the new/cleared version of your epic item.
  • Treasure of Crystal Cove items
  • Web of Chaos Recipes missing
Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source on February 25, 2013

Looking into the issue, here are the items that are missing "Cleansing Ritual" recipes:

  1. 1: Alchemical Handwraps
  2. 2: All Epic Items from the Spinner of Shadows quest chain.

Cleansing Ritual recipes for these items appear to have never existed. They were not made when the items were first introduced.

A player on the Lamannia preview server caught that the Cannith Raid alchemical items did not have Cleansing Ritual recipes, and we were able to add them in- but we completely missed Handwraps while doing so. You all have my apologies as to that!

We are currently targeting Update 18 as the milestone to add Cleansing Ritual recipes to the Altar of Epic Rituals to allow players to update old Alchemical Handwraps and Spinner of Shadows epic items.

As of U18.1, these recipes are still missing.


  • Update 1 - First implementation of Epic items
    • Offered no mechanic of this kind. Original intention of the system was to force the players stick to what they've got in their Slots.
  • Update 1 Patch 1 - Some of the Sand of Menechtarun epic items have their enchantment changed.
    • The Cleansing Ritual is now implemented in order to allow upgrading old versions. Required a Scroll of Dispel Magic as an ingredient, but noted will be changed to 3 Tokens of the Twelve in future.
  • Update 3
    • The Cleansing Ritual could now be performed for all epic items. Ingredient required for the Ritual was changed as promised to 3 3 Tokens of the Twelve. Also, "essence" workaround for Exclusive items was implemented.
  • Update 14 / Menace of the Underdark
    • First update in which the seal/shard/scroll system was abandoned for epic items.
  • 16 Patch 1 Hotfix 2
  • Update 17

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