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The Depths

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"The Depths", or just "Depths", is how many veteran players refer to a series of four Level 4 & 5 quests in the House Deneith Enclave.

Although linked both geographically (all found together, as are all four quest-givers) and physically (the exit from one can be the entrance to another), they are not technically a "chain" - each quest is obtained individually, each quest may be entered separately from nearby sewer covers, each is rewarded separately, and there is no bonus reward for completing all 4, just like any other four stand-alone quests.

However, the exit point from the first three is also an entry to the next, inviting them to be done in that sequence, which is what creates the impression of a "chain". If you intend to use the exit-entry connections and run all (or some) sequentially, the order of the 4 quests is:

Quest Name Quest
The Depths of Despair 4 9 Neville Stormhammer
The Depths of Darkness 4 9 Giggs Elorreathi
The Depths of Discord 5 9 Scholes of Vedykar
The Depths of Doom 5 9 Keane d'Deneith

The 4 quest givers are all found around a single table in Hammersmith's Inn in southeast House Deneith, and all bestow House Deneith favor. The entry point for the first, Despair, is just a few steps north of Hammersmith's Inn.

Practically speaking, you can enter them in any order, and can also choose to "Finish" any quest and end up on the surface at a separate surface entry point for that quest and near the others. In the same manner, a player joining a full 4-quest run late can enter whichever quest the group is currently in without having to flag or run any others.