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Equipment slot

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Your character has 16 equipment slots for gear that your character is currently using. Each slot is for a specific type of equipment, and most can only hold 1 item at a time. Items of appropriate type can be swapped out easily, but must be in an equipment slot in order to receive the benefit of the new item - items in Inventory do not give any bonuses to the character!

Your character also has an additional 5 "cosmetic slots"; main hand, off-hand, headwear, armor, and cloak.

Mousehover over a slot to see what item goes there; click a slot to drop down to the appropriate section, below.
Equipment slots.pngHeadwearNecklaceEyewearTrinketArmorCloakArmbands & BraceletsBeltRingRingFootwearGlovesPrimary HandSecondary HandQuiverAmmoCosmetic Primary HandCosmetic Secondary HandCosmetic HeadwearCosmetic Armor


Main category: :Category:Head items


Main category: :Category:Neck items


Main category: :Category:Eye items


Main category: :Category:Trinket items


Main category: :Category:Armor


Main category: :Category:Back items

Armbands & Bracelets[edit]

Main category: :Category:Wrist items


Main category: :Category:Waist items


Main category: :Category:Finger items


Main category: :Category:Feet items


Main category: :Category:Hand items

Held Items[edit]

(aka "Weapons")

Anything that can go in either the primary or secondary hand slots:


Main article: Quivers


Main category: :Category:Ammunition


Anything that can go in a cosmetic slot: