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Planar Gateway

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Planar Gateway.jpg

Type: Construct (List)

Race: Inanimate Object (List)

Monster Manual classification: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Color Type: Red - Strong Named Enemy

Rare: No

CR: 0

Attack: None: it's an inanimate object.

Special Qualities: DR10/-, Immunity to all elemental damage and sonic. Alignment, Light, Force and Negative Energy damage work normally.

  • Legendary Shroud DR ♦40Normal ♥80Hard/-


Description: The most commonly fought inanimate object in the game, and perhaps the one enemy most players spend the most time on in any raid period.. This is due to the fact there are 15 of these in The Shroud - often considered by far the most popular raid in DDO. Combined with the fact they have 12,000 HP, each makes phase 1 of the Shroud quite often the longest phase as well.
HP: Exactly 12,000, Verified many times.
Fortification: 100%
Saves: All 99 (Essentially 95% immune to anything that allows a saving throw.)
Spell Resistance: 99 (Essentially immune to any spell that allows spell resistance.)
Recommended Attacks/Weaponry:

These portals also tend to serve as ideal targets for testing 100% fortification DPS as the game otherwise lacks any type of DPS readout or combat log export features, as these are easy to access in Aussircaex's Valley (they are a guaranteed spawn) and are not affected by dungeon scaling (CR0 monsters are exempt). For videos and results demonstrating the portal beatdowns and DPS tests, check out the DPS Challenge.