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Mistress Orphne.jpg

Name: Orphne

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Affiliation(s): Laughing Knives


Description: She is the Arcanist of the Laughing Knives, a famous group of adventurers of Stormreach.

Notes: It is implied that she has a relationship with Shen Kulle.


Orphne can be seen in a reserved corner talking to Barrow d'Kundarak. Talking to her will make she randomly say one of those lines:

  • Orphne: Impregnable you say? Marek would say that no vault is impregnable.
  • Orphne: It is House Kundarak who sought out the Laughing Knives' services, not the other way around.
  • Orphne: Triple the fee, and the Laughing Knives will test this vault of yours.

Mistress Orphne's Haven[edit]

Inside this small place, she is kept in a catatonic state. If you try to talk to her, you will receive the following:

  • Mistress Orphne: This elf appears to be asleep... but elves do not require sleep!
  • Mistress Orphne: Perhaps the elf standing outside, Shen Kulle, can tell you what's going on.

After you acquire the quest The Prisoner, you can check her again:

  • Mistress Orphne: This must be Orphne. Though she still lives, she doesn't respond to your presence.
  • Mistress Orphne: You can feel some sort of magic around her, drawing you into the same slumber that Orphne is caught in.
    • You: Allow the magic to draw you in, so that you may free Orphne from inside her dream. (Open quest UI)
    • You: Pull back so that the magic does not affect you. (Walk away)

After you save her from her own shadow, she will thank you:

  • Mistress Orphne: I sleep no more, thanks to you. My memories are restored, and I am whole again.
  • Mistress Orphne: But, this experience has taken its toll. I fear it will be several days still, before I return to full strength.
  • You: Shen Kulle is just outside, protecting you from more assassins. I'm sure he'll continue doing so until you're on your feet. -- I'll let him know you're awake.

The Prisoner[edit]

Mistress Orphne is found at the center of her mind. When you first approach her, she will say:

  • Mistress Orphne: Oh, hello. So nice of you to visit my home.
  • Mistress Orphne: Will you be staying long?
  • You: It's not your home, it's a prison. You'll be trapped here forever unless you can remember your past.
  • Mistress Orphne: Memories... yes.
  • Mistress Orphne: I remember... four objects. I'm connected to them in some way, though I'm not sure why.
  • Mistress Orphne: A silver mirror....
  • Mistress Orphne: A golden locket....
  • Mistress Orphne: A dagger....
  • Mistress Orphne: A flower....
  • Mistress Orphne: If you could find them and bring them to me, perhaps that would help me to remember.

If you talk to her again before gathering her objects, she will say:

  • Mistress Orphne: I can't leave without finding all my things. Please help me...

After you recover all objects, she will ask for them:

  • Mistress Orphne: I need the mirror to see into my past.
  • You: Show Orphne the Silver Mirror.
  • Mistress Orphne: Yes, yes... I remember.
  • Mistress Orphne: The giant, Ingstoldt. A duel to the death, this magical mirror was the prize. What else did you find?

She then asks for the second item:

  • Mistress Orphne: The locket reminds me of the people I love.
  • You: Hand the Golden Locket over to Orphne.
  • Mistress Orphne: He guards me while I sleep. I am coming home, my love....

She then asks for the third item:

  • Mistress Orphne: I remember a dagger carved from wood....
  • You: Give the Wooden Dagger to Orphne.
  • Mistress Orphne: This dagger is a symbol of allegiance. But to what...?
  • Mistress Orphne: My mind is clouded, my thoughts are not my own. Something blocks the memories form coming forth.
  • Mistress Orphne: The flower I seek can break the spell. Do you have it?

She then asks for the final item:

  • Mistress Orphne: I remember picking the blossom as I left my homeland, before coming to Xen'drik.
  • You: Show the Memnos Blossom to Orphne.
  • Mistress Orphne: This place... I understand now. Those from my former homeland can trap someone in their own dream as punishment. Trap me....
  • Mistress Orphne: Let the Sleeper awaken and be free! Let the Shadow come forth and be cast out!

After you defeat Orphne's Shadow, she will say:

  • Mistress Orphne: The only thing left to do is leave. I shall see you again soon, brave one.

The Vault of Night[edit]

Orphne is found guarding the south entrance to the Gate of Night room. If you talk to her, she will say:

  • Orphne : The magics used to murder the Vault's guards were horrible. The poor Dwarves have risen again, and they can inflict their Necrotic Touch on anything warm with life.
  • Orphne : I have prepared a wand to cure this vile malady. You must use the wand on your infected friends quickly, or they will fall as dead as the zombies they fight!
  • You: Give me the wand, so I can protect my companions from the Necrotic Touch.
  • Orphne : Are you sure?
  • Orphne : The Laughing Knives' resources are limited. You may only accept one of our boons, or we will have nothing left to aid your companions!
  • Orphne : Do you want to speak with the other Laughing Knives before making your decision?
    • You: I'm certain. I'll use your wand in battle. (Receive Orphne's Grace)
      • Orphne : May Orphne's Grace preserve you from harm.
    • You: I'll talk to the other Laughing Knives before making my decision.

After you already acquired an item from one of the members of the Laughing Knives, she will say:

  • Orphne : You have already chosen your boon. Fare you well in the battle ahead!