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Shen Kulle

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Shen Kulle (NPC).jpg

Name: Shen Kulle

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Prisoner

Affiliation(s): Laughing Knives

Location: House Kundarak Enclave, in the mid-eastern area, due west of the Kundarak Bank ziggurat, outside Mistress Orphne's Haven

Notes: Shen Kulle is protecting Orphne from attacks since she fell into a deep sleeping state, waiting for her to recover. It is implied that he has a relationship with her.

House Kundarak Enclave[edit]

If you try to talk to him while at level 4 or lower, he will reply:

  • Shen Kulle: Can't you see it's dangerous here? You don't have enough experience to be wandering around this part of Stormreach.

If you are at level 5 or higher, however, he will reply:

  • Shen Kulle: En Garde! No more Dar Qat assassins will reach Orphne while I still live!
    • You: I am no assassin. Marek Malcanus sent me.
    • You: Be calm, friend. I'm just a concerned passerby, not an assassin.
    • You: Do you always threaten random strangers, fool? How do you know I won't crush you for your imprudence?
      • (All three options above end up in the same place)
        • Shen Kulle: I... I apologize—these assassins struck at poor Orphne, but that is no excuse for my rudeness. Their enchantment trapped Orphne inside her own mind. And... when I came too close I was nearly pulled in as well.
        • Shen Kulle: I am tempted to go back into Mistress Orphne's Haven in the hope of undoing this evil from within her dreams. But, that would leave her unprotected against more assassins, so I remain here...
          • You: Orphne must be a good person to have such a loyal protector... if you let me enter, I'll free Orphne from her prison of the mind. (Bestow quest)
            • Shen Kulle: Very well. I do not have the power to save her, so I must put my trust in your abilities.
          • You: Your incompetence has allowed your mistress to come to harm. Step aside and I'll save her myself. (Bestow quest)
            • Shen Kulle: Very well. I do not have the power to save her, so I must put my trust in your abilities.
          • You: That's a tough problem. I see no reason for me to involve myself in it. (Walk away)
    • You: You killed these men? I won't get involved in whatever's going on here. (Walk away)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Shen Kulle: If you truly wish to help, enter Mistress Orphne's Haven. When you approach her, the assassins' enchantment will pull you into Orphne's dream if you simply allow it.

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Shen Kulle: Mistress Orphne is awake?!? I... I am in awe of your power! And I am eternally in your debt.
  • Shen Kulle: Orphne will no doubt be eager to rejoin the rest of the Laughing Knives. I must really clean up the mess before they visit....

After completing the quest and taking the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Shen Kulle: I stand guard while Mistress Orphne rests from her ordeal. She would not be alive if it had not been for you, so I am eternally in your debt.

The Prisoner[edit]

Shen Kulle.jpg

Type: Elf (List)

Race: Elf (List)

Monster Manual classification: Elf

Alignment: Unknown

Boss: Orange Named - Mini boss

CR:  ♥31Epic Hard

Special Qualities: None

Habitat: The Prisoner

Description: The Illusion of Dirge of Karrnath, Haywire, Marek Malcanus, Shen Kulle, and Veil only spawn on Epic Hard and Epic Elite difficulties. They appear at the end fight once Orphne's Shadow has attacked. They do not have to be killed for the quest to complete.