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Name: Merchant

Race: Human

Gender: Male or Female


Description: The merchants moving goods through Stormreach Harbor must pay a heavy tariff to do business. The Coin Lords impose this tariff and the Harbor Guard collects it. Even with the expensive fees, trading in Stormreach is highly profitable and there are many merchants buzzing around the Harbor. The large quantity of Merchants require many Dock Workers to transport all their cargo.

Sells: turnips

Notes: These poor workers don't even get names.

The Harbor or The Wayward Lobster[edit]

Male Merchant going through customs on the docks leading to Lighthouse Island:

  • Merchant: That tariff rate is outrageous! I'm just shipping turnips, not some Cannith-made automaton!

Male and Female Merchants near Hazadill's and Cartamon's Shipping Warehouses (before or after completing Hiding in Plain Sight):

  • Merchant: Hazadill's fees are cheaper, but Cartamon offers extra security if I use his warehouse.
  • Merchant: Cartamon's warehousing fees are preposterous!

Merchants without unique dialogue say the following things:

  • Merchant: I have to admit, even with the Coin Lords' heavy tariffs, I'm making hand over fist trading in Stormreach.
  • Merchant: The Last War left cities all over Khorvaire in ruins. But Stormreach is on the continent of Xen'drik - making it the wealthiest civilized trading city.
  • Merchant: A copperless man can make a great wealth for himself here in Stormreach - if you're daring enough.
  • Merchant: The Coin Lords set outrageous tariffs on anything coming or going from Stormreach!
  • Merchant: Stormreach is the only open trading city between Khorvaire and Sarlona. Every ship stops here - I guess that's why Stormreach is so rich.
  • Merchant: I don't have work for you. But check around, there's plenty of work to be done in Stormreach.
  • Merchant: I hear there's a real kobold infestation problem in the Northern Harbor. That's why all the traders use the Southern Harbor now.
  • Merchant: I need to get my goods to the Marketplace! Khyber, why won't these Free Agent workers move faster!
  • Merchant: My navigator tells me there's another trading city on Xen'drik, called Dar Qat. It'll only let in Sarlona traders, so it's no use to me.