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Item:Khyber Dragonshard

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Khyber Dragonshards are a component for the spell Trap the Soul, which creates Soul Gems which in turn are ingredients for crafting bane shards and increasing item durability at the Stone of Change.


As of Update 50 Trap the Soul requires a standalone special component called a Khyber Dragonshard that is found in shops wherever high quality spell components may be found. This component works for all variations of Trap the Soul. Once it is successfully cast, the dragonshard will disappear, and on the ground will be found some sort of soul gem, related to alignment and type of the creature that was killed.

Soul Bags[edit]

  • Any vendor that sells Khyber Dragonshards will also sell you Small Soul Bags, which allow you to store your trapped Soul Gems.


  • Taniera Grisvill, the Artificer scroll vendor, sells Khyber Dragonshards. She is located in House Cannith, in the lower section near the trainers.

Historical Notes[edit]

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Prior to Update 50, Khyber Dragonshards came in three types, as well as small versions called Khyber Dragonshard Fragments which had some additional uses - see their page for details.

The size of Khyber Dragonshard required to properly cast Trap the Soul depended on the number of Hit Dice the target monster had:

  • 10 or fewer Hit Dice required a Tiny Khyber Dragonshard.
  • 11-20 Hit Dice required a Small Khyber Dragonshard.
  • 21-30 Hit Dice required an Average Khyber Dragonshard.


  • Khyber Dragonshard Fragments could be found as loot in chests or from breakables.
  • Tiny Khyber Dragonshards were sold by Gage Alzander in The Portable Hole, Monnys Orien in the Tower of the Twelve Foyer (In the Runes), Nerana in the Arcane Sanctum room and Collegium of the Twelve Stateroom of Guild Airships, and Ver'quea (Potions Option) in Amrath.

Shard combination at the Stone of Change[edit]

Fragments could be combined at a Stone of Change to make larger dragonshards:

Dragonshards Needed Dragonshard Created
1000 Khyber Dragonshard Fragments 10 Tiny Khyber Dragonshards
100 Tiny Khyber Dragonshards 20 Small Khyber Dragonshards
10 Small Khyber Dragonshards 4 Average Khyber Dragonshards