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Epic Defensive Fighting

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Icon Epic Defensive Fighting.png
Epic Defensive Fighting


Your hero has learned to enter a reactive state, protecting themselves in the chaos of battle by rolling with the punches, but this hampers their ability to engage ranged threats.

Adds a 5% Competence Bonus to maximum Hit Points, with an additional 5% for every combat fighting style feat you have, to a maximum of 25%. The applicable feats are:


  • All Spell or spell-like abilities that are affected by Metamagics have their range reduced to touch range.
  • Your Doubleshot and Ranged Power are zero while active.
  • This feat is exclusive from Range stances, such as Improved Precise Shot, Archer's Focus, Shiradi stances, and Warlock Blast stances.
  • This feat is exclusive from the Enlarge Spell Metamagic toggle.
  • This feat remains active when dead.
  • The feat can be used with other defensive and offensive stances, in addition to Rage.
  • This feat does not trigger Bulwark of Defense. DDO Forums
  • This effect extends also consumables such as Cure wands, Heal scrolls, Resurrection scrolls, and even in-quest items such as Wand of Greater Exploits. Approach your target or disable the stance to use them at range.
  • Some spells do not actually have their range reduced at all. This includes Meteor Swarm, Acid Well, and all(?) Alchemist spells. DDO Forums

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