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Epic Defensive Fighting

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History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a feat that no longer exists in-game.  It has been replaced by other sources of hit points introduced in Update 57.
If you can verify that the feat still exists, please edit this page and remove this template.

Icon Epic Defensive Fighting.png
Epic Defensive Fighting


Your hero has learned to enter a reactive state, protecting themselves in the chaos of battle by rolling with the punches, but this hampers their ability to engage ranged threats.

Adds a 5% Competence Bonus to maximum Hit Points, with an additional 5% for every combat fighting style feat you have, to a maximum of 25%. The applicable feats are:


  • All Spell or spell-like abilities that are affected by Metamagics have their range reduced to touch range.
  • Your Doubleshot and Ranged Power are zero while active.
  • This feat is exclusive from Range stances, such as Improved Precise Shot, Archer's Focus, Shiradi stances, and Warlock Blast stances.
  • This feat is exclusive from the Enlarge Spell Metamagic toggle.
  • This feat remains active when dead.
  • The feat can be used with other defensive and offensive stances, in addition to Rage.
  • This feat does not trigger Bulwark of Defense. DDO Forums
  • This effect also extends to consumables such as Cure wands, Heal scrolls, Resurrection scrolls, and even in-quest items such as Wand of Greater Exploits. Approach your target or disable the stance to use them at range.
  • Some spells do not actually have their range reduced at all. This includes Meteor Swarm, Acid Well, and all(?) Alchemist spells. DDO Forums

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