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DDO wiki:Administrators' noticeboard/Projects

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How To Use This Page[edit]

The purpose of this page is to encourage project collaboration among the wiki editors. It has been known to happen that multiple editors decide to undertake the same or similar projects and work on it separately, when it would be much more efficient to have all interested editors collaborate on the same project.

For this page, the definition of a "Project" is a relatively major change to a page or a series of pages on the wiki. Projects would include things like: adding a new series of quests, updating new focus orb images for an entire item type, beautification of pages, template construction/revamps. General edits are not considered projects and will be removed from this page. Examples include: fixing typos or grammatical errors, any thing discussion related.

Here is the preferred template to use when adding a project:

 |1 = ''Name of the page you're working on with this project. This is not auto linked, so please use brackets.''
 |2 = ''Describe your project so everyone knows what you're working on''
 |3 = ''Set the status of your project (N = Not Started (default); IP =  In Progress; C = Completed)
 |4 = ''Who set the current status?  Use ~~~~ to put your stamp on it.''

Administrative Projects[edit]

Projects listed in this heading are for major undertakings that will require administrative rights on the wiki to accomplish.

User preferences[edit]

I'd like to get some input on an idea I have to allow administrators to help assist users fix preferences they may have accidentally changed and do not know how to fix themselves. In order for me to accomplish this project correctly, it will need to be done in two stages.

  1. The first stage will be for me to make modifications to user right groups, which I think should have its own discussion exactly what we want the hierarchy of user groups to be and what rights should belong in each group. There are multiple things that need to be fixed here from the simple things like all registered editors should be able to make changes to the wiki via the API (using javascripts for certain functions for everything from tagging pages for deletion to posting PPOI notices on user talk pages or even for administrators protecting or deleting pages or making changes in users in groups) to the ability for administrators or crats to be able to promote people to superuser (which I'm wondering if we need at all or can we just roll it into another group?) etc...
  2. The second stage for this particular proposal will require me to write an admin-only gadget that will allow administrators to post code to users' common.js pages that will change the setting(s) in question upon a page load and then remove itself from their common.js. I've dabbled in creating such a script before and am certain it can be done without much fuss.
I look forward to everyone's replies on this idea, and am creating two sub-sections to this post below for discussing the individual stages. — previous unsigned comment by Technical 13( t | c | d| r| b) at 18:16, October 20, 2014 (UTC)

Preferences gadget discussion[edit]

You can have the first reply!

DDOwiki Projects[edit]

Projects listed in this heading are for any planned, proposed, ongoing, or recently completed projects dealing with the upkeep and maintenance of this wiki.

Maintenance tags

Project Name: Maintenance tags

Project Description: I've run Kobold sneak (Contribs • Message) through every page on the wiki and had it apply general WP:AWB fixes including tagging with maintenance tags. I've started Creating these tags  and Appropriate categories  so that we'll have an idea of where work is needed the most to update things and make the wiki more efficient. Please do not remove these tags unless you are fixing the indicated problem OR the tag doesn't apply - in which case please tag the top of the page with {{ Nobots | date={{SUBST:#time:F Y}} }}.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator: ShoeMaker (ContribsMessage) 15:09, February 2, 2016 (EST)

U28 crit range update

Project Name: U28 crit range update

Project Description:

Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source


We will be increasing the threat range of the following named weapons. I am including the new threat range which is increased to compensate for the loss of improved critical. Keep in mind that this will be on top of the threat range Improved Critical adds for weapon type, so with that feat Epic Sword of Shadows, as an example, would have a threat range of 6 and become 15-20.

I apologize for the short hand in listing the threat range - that number represents the base range of the weapon and should be increased enough to match the previous range with Improved Critical. As a side effect this will make some weapons more powerful if your character does not have Improved Critical.

Named Item: Base Threat Range


(I believe we have all named items with a base threat range higher than their weapon type with this list.)


This is Severlin's list, please mark items that have been fully updated (including new screenshots) with class="mw-table-row-done"
(below this project template because I don't feel like escaping the whole table.)

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator: ShoeMaker (ContribsMessage) 14:40, January 20, 2016 (EST)

Weapon level new crit range
[[Bone Crusher]] 18 18-20
[[Bonesplitter]] 18 18-20
[[Bow of Sinew]] 14 18-20
[[Braisingstar]] 25 18-20
[[Breeze]] 14 18-20
[[Carnifex]] 4 (17?) 18-20
[[Chieftain's Spear]] 4 18-20
[[Coronation]] 14 18-20
[[Cutthroat's Smallblade]] (top heroic weapon) 12, 16 17-20
[[Death's Touch]] 18 18-20
[[Devourer's Reaping]] 24 18-20
[[Deathnip]] 14 18-20
[[Drow Light Mace of the Weapon Master]] 21 18-20
[[Drow Warhammer of the Weapon Master]] 21 18-20
[[Drow Greataxe of the Weapon Master]] 21 18-20
[[Drow Maul of the Weapon Master]] 21 18-20
[[Drow Quarterstaff of the Weapon Master]] 21 18-20
[[Drow Bastard Sword of the Weapon Master]] 21 17-20
[[Drow Dagger of the Weapon Master]] 21 17-20
[[Drow Khopesh of the Weapon Master]] 21 17-20
[[Drow Longsword of the Weapon Master]] 21 17-20
[[Drow Shortsword of the Weapon Master]] 21 17-20
[[Drow Rapier of the Weapon Master]] 21 16-20
[[Drow Scimitar of the Weapon Master]] 21 16-20
[[Duergar Waraxe of the Weapon Master]] 21 18-20
[[Epic Sword of Shadow]] 20 17-20
[[Epic Bone Crusher]] 26 16-20
[[Elemental Bloom]] 7 18-20
[[Epic Elemental Bloom]] 26 18-20
[[Epic Zephyr]] 20 17-20
[[Epic Thornlord]] 20 18-20
[[Epic Collapsible Shortbow]] 20 18-20
[[Epic Mirage]] 20 16-20
[[Epic Bow of the Elements (Air)]] 20 18-20
[[Epic Staff of Nat Gann]] 20 18-20
[[Epic Luminous Truth]] 20 18-20
[[Epic Sapphire Sting]] 26 18-20
[[Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 20)]] 20 17-20
[[Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 24)]] 24 17-20
[[Fellblade (longsword)]]? 28 17-20
[[Forester's Brush Hook]] 16, 22, 24 18-20
[[Forgotten Light (Level 16)]] 16 18-20
[[Forgotten Light (Level 17)]] 17 18-20
[[Forgotten Light (Level 18)]] 18 18-20
[[Forgotten Light (Level 23)]] 23 18-20
[[Forgotten Light (Level 24)]] 24 18-20
[[Forgotten Light (Level 25)]] 25 18-20
[[Fossil]] ? 18-20
[[Luminous Truth]] 16 18-20
[[Mornh, Hammer of the Mountains]] 23 18-20
[[Mutineer's Blade]] 24 16-20
[[Nightforge Avenger Blade]] 8 17-20
[[Nightforge Spike]] 8 16-20
[[Oathblade]] 20 (15?) 17-20
[[Phosphor]] 14 16-20
[[Pinion, Cloud-piercer]] 23 18-20
[[Ratcatcher]] 8 17-20
[[Razorend]] 14 17-20
[[Rebellion]] 25 17-20
[[Sapphire Sting]] 7 17-20
[[Shining Devastation]] (needs image of new version with red slot) 14 18-20
[[Silver Longbow]] 8 18-20
[[Sickle of Sypheros]] 6 18-20
[[Snowstar]] 8 16-20
[[Sireth, Spear of the Sky]] 23 16-20
[[Star of Irian]] 8 18-20
[[Stave of the Seer]] 8 18-20
[[Tharkuul's Bane]] 10 18-20
[[Theurgic Stave]] 8 18-20
[[Tiefling Assassin's Blade]] 4 15-20
[[Treason]] 14 17-20
[[Unwavering Ardency]] 14 18-20
[[Whirlwind]] 10 17-20
[[Widowblight]] 10 18-20

Green Steel items

Project Name: Green Steel items

Project Description: Converting all pages into a sequential set under a main page as its home, presently messy, confusing, without any flow to it, at least 6 pages currently with many overlapping sets of information.

Project Status: Completed

Project Coordinator: Partial completion and contribution but completed by others, see for Credits, Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 14:10, May 5, 2014 (EDT)


Project Name: Stubs

Project Description: Expanding Stub pages into full articles. If the stub is not able to be expanded enough, perhaps consider merging it with a similar topic.

Project Status: Not Started

Project Coordinator: It could be you!

Newbie Guide

Project Name: Newbie Guide

Project Description: Expanding this guide will benefit the entire player base from all servers by enabling a deeper understanding of game mechanics and a starting guide for those joining DDO also. Help expand your fellow DDO players' knowledge of the game by expanding on this guide.

Project Status: Not Started

Project Coordinator: It could be you!

Character Sheet

Project Name: Character Sheet

Project Description: This is listed as my next project after the Green Steel rewrite/format, it seems the most fundamental 'go-to' place for information on all a players characters attributes is missing. Everything on the character sheet should be explained and linked to the appropriate wiki articles. Does anyone feel like taking this up as Green Steel is time consuming; also this should be either linked into the Newbie Guide or set aside on its own: unknown.

Project Status: Not Started

Project Coordinator: Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 09:33, May 19, 2014 (EDT)

In development

Project Name: In development

Project Description: 27 October: Notes for editing guidance updated, Released updates integrated into schedule section and then removed to de-clutter page, Detailed Release Information is now simply Next Release Information, Plans for 2014 integrated into renamed section: Development Archive and then removed, this section re-ordered chronologically.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator: Agonshar (ContributionsMessage) 19:14, October 27, 2014 (EDT)

Template Projects[edit]

Projects listed in this heading are for any planned, proposed, ongoing, or recently completed template projects.

Category:Item description templates

Project Name: Category:Item description templates

Project Description: Needs updating and completing of the processes. See Category talk:Item description templates for a partial list of which templates need updating and descriptions + examples of what changes need to be made.

Project Status: Not Started

Project Coordinator: It could be you!


Project Name: T:Dmg

Project Description: The template was overhauled, and categorization has been enabled. Some new effects could still be missing. The categorization/examples table still needs to be updated. Please use Tt:Dmg or my talk page to discuss.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator:  — Zav(C·T·E) 19:20, August 1, 2014 (EDT)

T:Journal entry

Project Name: T:Journal entry

Project Description: There are several journal entries that do not correspond to compendium quests. However, they are using the {{Quest}} template which categorizes them into compendium style categories resulting in cluttered categories. A user could simply look at quest tables for info but now with DPL and NCL, the tables are automatically generated from erroneous data. That's why those misfits (journal entries) need a template of their own.

Project Status: Completed

Project Coordinator: Faltout (ContribsMessage) 10:35, March 8, 2018 (EST)


Project Name: T:QTL

Project Description: This template does not fit the needs of DPL and automatic tables. Quest tables are all over the wiki; some more detailed, some less detailed, some outdated, some automated with invalid data. So I started making a DPL template that would gather quests from a category and list them in a table. While working on that, found that some quests were cluttering the tables so worked on the above project instead to remove those quests from the categories they didn't belong in. I've made a DPL template that seems like it's working in my SandBox called Quests in category table backed up by some other templates in there. Need feedback on how it should look and whether there is a better way than User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum to add values collected from the DPL call.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator: Faltout (ContribsMessage) 15:33, March 8, 2018 (EST)


Project Name: T:Infobox-ability

Project Description: New template to encompass feats, spells, bard songs, etc., providing a common look & feel and richer categorization. See talk page for details.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator: Hoopy Froodle (ContribsMessage) 13:04, August 24, 2019 (EDT)

Image Projects[edit]

Projects listed in this heading are for any Image related projects. New items, updating images, etc...

Help and information wanted listing

Project Name: Help and information wanted listing

Project Description: This massive listing of pages that need all sorts of various updates, additions, expansion, images, and more. The majority of these pages are in need of images of one type or another. Take a look and see if you have one of these items in your bank or inventory and take some screenies and help us fill in the blanks.

Project Status: Not Started

Project Coordinator: It could be you!

Handwraps change

Project Name: Handwraps change

Project Description: Pictures of all handwraps need update. Item pic now shows damage in x[1d6]. Most have also increased durability/hardness. Some wraps might have increased crit profile or specify damage other than Bludgeon / Magic.

Project Status: In Progress

Project Coordinator: I have started updating some wraps, but help is welcome. --User:Cru121

General Projects[edit]

Projects listed in this heading are for any project that does not fall into any of the above categories. Anything from adding new quests, to updating data because of recent updates/expansions

Class Guides

Project Name: Class Guides

Project Description: Class guides need to be updated and expanded to reflect current information.

Project Status: Not Started

Project Coordinator: It could be you!