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User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum

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Sums numbers collected from pages in categories using DPL

{{ User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum
  | category =
  | notcategory =
  | template =
  | attribute =
  | num_template =
  | phantom =
  • category is a list of categories to select pages from, separated with the character ¦.
  • andcategory is an optional list of categories that the pages selected should also be part of. Separated with the character ¦.
  • notcategory is an optional list of categories that the selected pages should not belong to, separated with the character ¦.
  • template is the name of the template used in the selected pages with the template's namespace. For example, "Template:Quest"
  • attribute is the name of the attribute that should be selected from the template.
  • num_template is the name of the template that can translate the output of |template= or |attribute= or |phantom= to a numerical value.
  • phantom is the name of a phantom template that will take the original parameters of the |template= and output a different result.

Notes: |category= and |template= are mandatory. However, for the sum to work, the final output should be a numerical value. Initially, we have the result of |template=. If this is not what we want, we can either take an attribute passed to it, or designate a phantom template to create a different result. If this is still not what we want, we can provide a |num_template= to translate the output of |attribute= or |phantom= to a numerical value.


Give |category= |template= and |attribute= to sum the specific attribute/parameter of a template from all the pages in one category.

Example: {{User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum|category=The Twelve patron quests|template=Template:Quest|attribute=favor}}


You can also count attributes that are not numbers by providing a template in |num_template= that will convert text to number.

Example: {{User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum |category=The Twelve patron quests |template=Template:Quest |attribute=free |num_template=IO}}


You can use a phantom template to produce numbers based on more complex calculations that involve more than one of the initial template parameters. The phantom template provided in the parameter |phantom= should have a number as a result. The parameter |attribute= does not have an effect if |phantom= is given.

Example: {{User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum |category=The Coin Lords patron quests |template=Template:Quest |phantom=User:Faltout/SandBox/Max quest favor}}


Use |notcategory= to prevent pages from being in a certain category.

Example: {{User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum |category=Short quests¦Long quests |notcategory= History¦Quests with no favor reward |template=Template:Quest |attribute=favor}}


Use |andcategory= to make pages belong to more categories.

Example: {{User:Faltout/SandBox/DPL category attribute sum |category=Level 14 quests |andcategory=Epic quests |template=Template:Quest |attribute=epic |num_template=IO}}



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