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About me[edit]

  • Faltout here and in the official forums.
  • I'm a free account and one reason for it is the challenge of playing the full game like this.
  • My main server is Khyber but I have characters in other servers for favor purposes. Their plan is to TR twice to open quests on elite and then do every quest in the game to get to 5000 favor (at which point TP rewards stop).
  • All my characters have the surname Faltout. My main characters in Khyber are Velnoran and Erithanar.
  • I am very good at learning how quests work fast due to being very observant.

My SandBox[edit]



What do journal entries need[edit]

  • Character creation quests have an xp award to allow you to level.
  • Some quests like The Rewards of Treachery or shards from The Tear of Dhakaan or items from The Spawn of Whisperdoom need end rewards.
  • Some quests like DeGenev_Brothers or Welcome to Korthos only happen when the conditions are met (event is active or you exit the Grotto). They need the conditions and location.
  • Most quests have an NPC contact to give the reward.
  • Some quests have a level limit or apply when you reach a certain level. Refugee Toll and zone objectives for Gianthold and wheloon.
  • All of them need overviews, objectives and misc.
  • Some of them require access to a pack or class/race.
  • S/R/E quests.
  • Story Arks.

Things that need attention[edit]

  • Items acquired through turn in should not use the {{{quest}}} parameter. Some items have multiple drop locations as well as turn in locations.
  • Quests need to be updated.
  • Categories need cleaning up.

Editing notes[edit]

    • A variable is global throughout one page. All templates used in this page can use that variable safely as long as they take some form of parameters. MediaWiki only calculates the result of a template without parameters once. Which means that if a template is called multiple times without parameters and modifies a variable, that variable will not be modified many times, but exactly once.

Wiki stuff[edit]

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