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AoE ranged attacks

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Traditionally, ranged attacks affect a single target.

  • In Module 3, the feat Improved Precise Shot was introduced, which allow your ranged and thrown attacks to affect all enemies in a line.
  • In Update 66, several existing ranged attacks were converted to affect all enemies in an area near the primary target/impact point.

Area of effect ranged attacks[edit]

When a projectile using an area of effect ranged attack collides with something, instead of dealing your weapon damage and effects to that target directly, that enemy and all nearby enemies in a small area are hit with your full weapon damage and effects, as if they were also hit by the projectile.

The following applies to AoE ranged attacks:

  • Improved Precise Shot does not work on these attacks. If Improved Precise Shot is on when you perform an AOE Ranged Attack, IPS's ability to pass through enemies simply does not work on that shot (and then resumes working on other shots like normal).
  • They are always fired as a single shot, regardless of weapon type. This is to prevent multi-shot ranged styles from becoming disproportionately strong compared to single-shot styles with these changes.
  • They tend to have lower bonus damage +% compared to melee attacks and non-AoE ranged attacks, also for balance.

Heroic attacks[edit]

Some of the attacks are restricted to bows or crossbows only.

Horizon Walker
  • Scattershot (bows) T4: +1 critical threat and multiplier. Cooldown: 2s. This feat gives 3 charges; you regain 1 charge every 12 seconds you don't use Scattershot or Manyshot. Shares charges and a cooldown with Manyshot.
Artificer Battle Engineer
  • Shatter Defenses (crossbows) T3: deals +10% damage + Sunder. Cooldown: 12. Unlike other Ranged AOEs, this ability fires as many crossbow bolts as your crossbow allows.
  • Thunder-Shock Weapons (crossbows) T5: +30% damage + 6d6 Electric + Trip (Sunder DC). Cooldown: 12s. Unlike other Ranged AOEs, this ability fires as many crossbow bolts as your crossbow allows.
Paladin Knight of the Chalice
  • Exalted Shot T2: deals +10% damage. Cooldown: 5s.
  • Avenging Shot T5: deals +20% damage + Vulnerability. Cooldown: ?
Arcane Archer
  • Elemental Inferno (bows) T2: deals +10% damage + 1d6 elemental stacking DoT. Cooldown: 3s.
  • Opening Volley (bows) T5: deals +20% damage + 7 stacks of Vulnerability. Cost: 5 spell points. Cooldown: 18 seconds.
Ranger Deepwood Stalker
  • Devastating Shot T5: deals +25% damage, +20 threat range, blinds (Sunder DC). Cooldown 12s
Cleric Warpriest and Favored Soul War Soul
  • Divine Vessel (favored weapons) T5: +20% damage + each affected enemy is hit by a meteor, taking 1 to 4 Fire and 1 to 4 Light Damage per character level. Damage from the meteor is affected by Fire and Light Spellpower. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Epic attacks[edit]

  • Arrow of Discord T2: deals +20% Damage, +2 threat + stuns. Cooldown: 15s.
Legendary Dreadnought
  • Dire Shot T1: Epic strike, deals +30% damage + sunder. Cooldown: 12s.
  • Legendary Rally (Ranged) T5: deals +40% damage, +2 crit multiplier, +100 threat range, Cooldown: 30s.
  • Shadowstrike (Ranged) T2: Epic strike, +30% damage, +2 Threat, +3 Mult + Shadow Loss. Cooldown: 8s.
Shiradi Champion
  • Pin T1: Epic strike, +30% damage + Slow. Cooldown: 15s.