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Reaper Mode

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This page is based on information gathered on Lamannia preview server, it might not be verified on live servers.
Note that anything found on Lamannia is considered to be speculation until it goes live.
If you know any information on this page to be in error, please fix it by clicking the Edit link.
If you can verify that all the information on this page is correct, please edit this page and remove {{Lamannia}}.

Reaper Mode is a difficulty previewed on Lamannia test server with Update 33.

Originally Posted by Lamannia Update 33 Release Notes Source
Reaper Mode

The Dungeon Master is trying to kill you. Check it out! Available for quests within two levels of your character. (NOTE: This is an EARLY preview of Reaper Mode, and does not include any rewards or benefits from running it. That'll come later. Reaper Mode will not be arriving with Update 33.)

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source
We don't want to formally commit to an update until it's ready, but it is definitely possible that Reaper difficulty will be in U34.

Game mechanic[edit]

There's an additional option in the difficulty selector screen. You can decide how hard do you want to have your reaper by selecting an appropriate number of skulls (1 Skull = easiest vs 10 Skulls = hardest).

Free-to-play and premium players cannot open a quest on Reaper difficulty directly, unless they have already completed the quest on Hard or they have reincarnated at least twice (same behavior as with opening on Elite difficulty).

The following applies to reaper mode:

  • Monster damage is increased
  • Player damage is reduced
  • Self-healing is dramatically weaker (60% in 1 Skull; an additional 4% per skull, up to 96% reduction for 10 Skulls.)
  • Many/all monsters are champions, often with multiple buffs
Magic Gems drop from defeated monsters.
  • Defeated enemies can drop Magic Gems. One character in a party can consume them to recharge some of their spell points. The amount of restored spell points depends on quest level and is equal to 5 * (base quest level + 3)
  • Crowd control effects have reduced duration (If a CC is reduced, it is reduced to 6 seconds minimum. It keeps the shorter, single target CC relevant particularly tactical stuns we give in enhancement trees.)
  • Death timer: Dead players cannot be raised for some time (6 seconds per skull?).
  • Reentry is possible.


  • (bug?) negative energy healing is not reduced
  • (bug?) ranged characters deal significantly more damage
  • (bug?) spell point restoration effects are over-performing


When mobs are spawning in a quest, there's a chance for spawning additional wraith-like Reapers. Several types exist:

  • Carnage Reaper
  • Famine Reaper
  • Fear Reaper



  • Base XP is the same as on elite.
  • First-time bonus for reaper difficulty: +120%
  • There's no special Reaper bravery bonus (same as elite).
  • There's no special Reaper saga bonus (same as elite).


Reaper experience / Survival points[edit]

  • XP log mentions an additional entry for Reaper XP.
  • In response to stealth completions on Reaper, players don't get Reaper XP unless they defeat at least 10 enemies. (DDO Forums)
  • Characters accumulate reaper experience that they can spend on abilities a new enhancement tree. Many abilities work only in Reaper, some work universally.



  • Increased chance of dropping named items.
  • Increased chance of named items having Mythic bonus.
  • Chance of named items having Reaper bonus.


  • Each of these chances should increase in likelihood for each skull of reaper being played on.
  • Applies to static named items from quests. Crafted items or end rewards don't have this benefit.

An item with Reaper bonus gains one of the following:


Prior to Lamannia Update 33, Reaper Mode was a whiteboard idea for a dungeon difficulty harder than elite in development internally and mentioned to the Player's Council. Some of its simple text leaked onto the Lamannia preview server while Update 27 was being previewed.

Originally Posted by (executive producer) Severlin Source
I can neither confirm nor deny that we have been discussing the possibility of a Reaper mode with the player's council or that we have been looking into some sort of proof of concept for a new difficulty above elite. Nor are we committing to nor announcing another difficulty level at this time.

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