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The Twelve

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The Twelve map

The Twelve patron symbol.pngThe Twelve in Stormreach are a branch of the powerful organization resident in Khorvaire. During the Last War the Twelve was founded as an independent organization to research the powers of magic. The branch in Stormreach is tasked with discovery and research of ancient relics from the giant empire. This area had been closed since the launch until Module 6.

Points of interest[edit]

Important NPC[edit]

(Most important NPC are within the Tower of the Twelve)

Favor ranks[edit]

Completing tasks and missions for the various patrons will increase your favor, which is a measure of how valuable the different patrons find your character. At each new level, the patron representative will provide a character with a reward.

Favor Rank Grants
0 Untrusted Small Ingredients Bag
40 Suspicious Access to the crafting altar and shard vendor in Meridia
100 Friend of the Twelve Large ingredients bag
250 Member of the Twelve Nothing currently. Was a Huge Ingredients Bag on Lamannia, was nerfed to nothing when it hit live.


The following is a list of quests sponsored by The Twelve. Completing these quests increases your favor.

Quest Name Quest Level Max Favor Free to Play Acquired in: Located in:  ♣CasualSolo/Casual ♦NormalNormal ♥HardHard ♠EliteElite Epic?
Acid Wit 15 18 Yes The Twelve Acid Scar Caverns  ♣2,378Solo/Casual ♦4,132Normal ♥4,300Hard ♠4,468Elite No
Creeping Death 15/31 18 No Meridia Sewer Ambuscade  ♣3,254Solo/Casual ♦5,655Normal ♥5,886Hard ♠6,118Elite
 ♣15,607Solo/Casual ♦26,672Normal ♥27,331Hard ♠27,991Elite
A Vision of Destruction 18 27 No The Marketplace Beneath House Deneith Enclave  ♦8,200Normal ♥8,500Hard ♠8,800Elite No
Hound of Xoriat 18 27 No The Marketplace Beneath House Jorasco Enclave  ♦8,200Normal ♥8,500Hard ♠8,800Elite No
Let Sleeping Dust Lie 16 24 No The Vale of Twilight Crimson Foot Hive  ♦6,766Normal ♥7,033Hard ♠7,299Elite No
Rainbow in the Dark 16 24 No The Vale of Twilight Den of Obscurity  ♦8,433Normal ♥8,766Hard ♠9,099Elite No
Ritual Sacrifice 16 24 No The Vale of Twilight Twilight Canyon  ♦7,433Normal ♥7,726Hard ♠8,020Elite No
Running with the Devils 16 24 No The Vale of Twilight Eladrin Stronghold  ♦7,099Normal ♥7,379Hard ♠7,659Elite No
The Coalescence Chamber 16 24 No The Vale of Twilight The Fallen Temple  ♣5,359Solo/Casual ♦9,300Normal ♥9,688Hard ♠10,036Elite No
The Shroud 17 33 No Meridia The Shroud  ♦11,540Normal ♥11,980Hard ♠12,420Elite No
The Weapons Shipment 19 18 No Amrath Perdition's Pass  ♦3,460Normal ♥3,580Hard ♠3,700Elite No
Wrath of the Flame 19 18 No Amrath Adventurer's Camp  ♣1,345Solo/Casual ♦2,321Normal ♥2,401Hard ♠2,480Elite No
Acute Delirium 17 21 No The Twelve Sleeping Spell Inn  ♣2,400Solo/Casual ♦4,156Normal ♥4,312Hard ♠4,468Elite No
The Lord of Eyes 17 21 No The Tower of the Twelve Lower Arcanum  ♣3,464Solo/Casual ♦6,000Normal ♥6,227Hard ♠6,454Elite No
The Lord of Stone 17 18 No The Tower of the Twelve Deep within Khyber  ♣2,040Solo/Casual ♦3,531Normal ♥3,664Hard ♠3,796Elite No
The Sane Asylum 17 21 No The Tower of the Twelve The Embers Asylum  ♣2,810Solo/Casual ♦4,866Normal ♥5,050Hard ♠5,233Elite No
Palace of Stone 18/26 21 No The Twelve Palace of Stone  ♣2,926Solo/Casual ♦5,060Normal ♥5,244Hard ♠5,428Elite
 ♣10,853Solo/Casual ♦18,612Normal ♥19,136Hard ♠19,659Elite
Fashion Madness 18/26 21 No The Twelve Fashion Show Staging Area  ♣2,659Solo/Casual ♦4,599Normal ♥4,766Hard ♠4,933Elite
 ♣9,861Solo/Casual ♦16,909Normal ♥17,384Hard ♠17,859Elite
Terminal Delirium 18/26 21 No The Twelve The Sleeping Spell Inn  ♣3,492Solo/Casual ♦6,040Normal ♥6,260Hard ♠6,480Elite
 ♣12,961Solo/Casual ♦22,230Normal ♥22,857Hard ♠23,484Elite
Legendary Hound of Xoriat 32 36 No The Marketplace Beneath the House Jorasco enclave  ♦35,340Normal ♥36,194Hard ♠37,050Elite Yes
Total 20 Quests 501 Favor
(18 Free)
1 Free Quest  ♣32,127+Solo/Casual ♦116,791+Normal ♥121,262+Hard ♠125,691+Elite
 ♣49,282+Solo/Casual ♦119,763+Normal ♥122,902+Hard ♠126,043+Elite
5 Epic Quests