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House Cannith

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House Cannith is one of the Dragonmarked Houses found in Eberron.

Crest of House Cannith


House Cannith is a human Dragonmarked House throughout Khorvaire. The humans of House Cannith bear the Mark of Making. The artificers and magewrights of House Cannith are responsible for most of the magical innovations of the past thousand years. House Cannith made great profit during the Last War by selling arms and warforged soldiers. The House was strongly based in Cyre but it was destroyed during the Last War. The new town area, House Cannith Enclave, is added to Stormreach with Update 11.

House Cannith Enclave loading screen

House Cannith Enclave - Points of Interest[edit]

Map of House Cannith Enclave
Concept Art
Update11 screenshot-1.jpg Update11 screenshot-6.jpg


Favor Ranks[edit]

Completing tasks and missions for House Cannith will increase your favor, which is a measure of how valuable the House finds your character. At each new level, the patron representative will provide a character with a reward.

Originally Posted by Xaros d'Cannith
Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Noted

We would like to commend you for your recent efforts on behalf of our House. Please meet with me in the House Cannith Enclave to discuss your reward.

-Xaros d'Cannith, House Cannith Patron

(By completing quests that benefit House Cannith, you have impressed them enough to grant you access to a special shop. Speak with Xaros d'Cannith in the House Cannith enclave for details.)

Originally Posted by Xaros d'Cannith
Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Respected

We continue to be impressed with your exploits. Please meet with me when you have a moment. I have some important and exciting information for you that I think you'll find most interesting.

-Xaros d'Cannith, House Cannith Patron

(You have continued to gain favor with House Cannith and have unlocked the Artificer class! Once you speak with Xaros in the House Cannith enclave you will then be able to make Artificer characters! Artificers have special arcane spells, proficiency with all crossbows, and can use special 'rune arms' to blast their enemies. This feature has been unlocked on your account on this server.)

Favor Rank Grants
0 Unknown -
50 Noted Access to patron shop
150 Respected Artificer unlock and a couple dialog options in related quests unlocked


Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron  ♣CasualSolo/Casual  ♦NormalNormal  ♥HardHard  ♠EliteElite
Blown to Bits 19 18 House Cannith ♣2,047 ♦3,534 ♥3,657 ♠3,780
Schemes of the Enemy 19 18 House Cannith ♣2,392 ♦4,132 ♥4,276 ♠4,420
Power Play 19 21 House Cannith ♣2,643 ♦4,565 ♥4,725 ♠4,884
The Master Artificer (R) 19 21 House Cannith Unavailable ♦4,580 ♥4,740 ♠4,900
The Lord of Blades (R) 20 21 House Cannith Unavailable ♦6,383 ♥6,600 ♠6,816
Brothers of the Forge 28 27 House Cannith ♣8,099 ♦17,859 ♥18,334 ♠18,809
Total 6 Quests 126 (27 free)  ♣15,181Solo/Casual  ♦41,053Normal  ♥42,332Hard  ♠43,609Elite

(R) = 12-man Raid party


Introduced in Update 12, The Vaults of the Artificers challenge system offered four new dungeons. These four dungeons are separated into 12 challenges with different rewards available. Nine of these challenges have a separate "Epic" variation available, for a total of 21 separate variations across four dungeons.

Completing challenges grants favor for House Cannith: one Favor point per star achieved, plus an additional favor point if you five star a challenge on its maximum available level. This extra point increases the total of favor to six, hence the term "six-star run" although only five stars still show in your compendium; You can differentiate a five-star run from a six-star run because the color of the stars changes from a blueish color to an orange/yellowish color. With 21 challenges available, this means there is a total of 126 favor possible. (*Note*: Stars are not earned progressively. Only the maximum number of "Star Objectives" completed within a single instance will be awarded.)

Heroic Challenge Favor[edit]

12 challenges, if completed to 5 stars earns 60 favor. If completed to 5 stars on maximum difficulty, this will earn 72 favor.

Epic Challenge Favor[edit]

9 challenges, if completed to 5 stars earns 45 favor. If completed to 5 stars on maximum difficulty, this will earn 54 favor.