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Level can refer to many things: class level, Player Character level, caster level, spell level, or dungeon level.

Class Level[edit]

Your class level is a measure of how far you have advanced in a particular class. For example, if you were a 10th level barbarian and a 6th level fighter, then you would have 10 class levels in barbarian and 6 class levels in fighter.

Character Level[edit]

Character level refers to the sum of your class levels. In the above example you would have a character level of 16. This is important in determining feats and also ability score increases, as they are based on character levels.

Caster Level[edit]

Your class level in the class you are casting a spell with. See the specific caster level page for details.

Experience Points[edit]

To advance your level, you need to gain experience points from doing quests. Progression table is here.

Spell Level[edit]

Spells are also broken into levels based on general strength. Spell levels range from 1 (the weakest) to 9 (the strongest). Only dedicated casting classes have access to nine full levels of spells; the strongest Bard spells are only level 6, and Paladin and Ranger spells stop at level 4. Spell levels do not match character or caster levels one-for-one. It can take two, three, or even four caster levels to gain access to a character's next level of spells.

Guild Level[edit]

Guilds (after purchasing a ship) can progress their renown and gain access to new ship buff amenities and then place them on their ship.

Other uses of level[edit]

Dungeons are often grouped into levels separated by staircases. The deeper you are in the dungeon the tougher the monsters are likely to be.

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