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The Yugoloth

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The Yugoloth live in close-knit tribes, traveling the Planes and making profit where they may. They are also very skilled magi, and can no doubt reward loyalty with significant advantage.


Favor Ranks[edit]

Completing tasks and missions for the various patrons will increase your favor, which is a measure of how valuable the different patrons find your character.

Originally Posted by Zah Jan

Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Unfriendly

Welcome to Shavarath, Mortal. It has come to my attention that your efforts on behalf of the Alliance between your Twelve and the Amrath Tribe of the Arcanaloth are worthy of reward. Visit me upon the high plateau of Amrath at your convenience.

-Zah Jan, Magus of the Arcanaloth

(By completing quests that benefit the Yugoloth, you have impressed them enough to grant you access to a special potion vendor. Speak with Zah Jan at the Summit of Amrath in Shavarath for details.)

Favor Rank Grants
0 Disliked -
75 Unfriendly The patron representative provides access to Yugoloth Favor Potions as reward.
300 Suspicious Currently unreachable.

Quests by Favor[edit]

The following is a list of quests sponsored by the Yugoloth. Completing these quests increases your favor.

Quest Name Quest Level Total Favor Patron
A New Invasion 19 21 The Yugoloth
Bastion of Power 19 21 The Yugoloth
Genesis Point 19 24 The Yugoloth
Sins of Attrition 19 21 The Yugoloth
Tower of Despair 20 24 The Yugoloth
Total 5 Quests 111 Favor