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The Device Workstation in the House Cannith Enclave

Trapmaking is a feat made available to Rogues and Artificers once they reach Level 4. It gives the ability to not only craft traps, but scavenge parts from existing traps.

Trapmaking Feat


  • Benefit: You have learned enough about traps to be able to scavenge parts from them, and with the help of the Free Agents, can craft your own.
  • Special: Automatically granted to rogues and artificers at level 4.

The Basics, Acquiring parts

The only way to do any crafting is the Trapmaking feat. At 4th level a rogue and artificer is granted this automatically. Other classes can purchase the Trapmaking feat so long as they meet the prerequisites. The trapmaking feat allows two things. It lets a rogue or artificer use crafting stations to make traps, and it allows a rogue and artificer to harvest parts from the boxes he disables. Once your rogue or artificer has the ability to collect trap parts, you should find your pack beginning to fill with an assortment of parts as you quest. Every box you disable has a chance of bestowing trap parts, and trap boxes are the only place to get parts. Your chance of parts, and how many you receive depend on four things:

  1. The level of Disable Device. (The higher the skill, the more parts you'll get)
  2. The level of quest. (Again, the higher, the better) This means the base level of the quest. You get same range on epic as normal
  3. The DC of the trap. (Tougher traps generally give you more parts)

However, it is always a random amount of parts. These factors just better your chances of getting a larger amount of parts. Sometimes a box will give you 1 part, another time it will give 15. Since you do have a random amount of parts, your best bet to obtaining many parts are to go to quests that have many trap boxes, especially many boxes of the same type of trap, such as Fire or Mechanical. It's important to note that if a single box controls multiple traps of different types, that box will only give one type of trap part.

There are 10 types of trap parts, each corresponding to their particular type of trap that the box controls:

  • Mechanical (Spikes, Blades, etc.)
  • Fire
  • Electric
  • Acid
  • Cold
  • Sonic
  • Force
  • Unholy - not usable (no recipe) drops from Haunted Library & Siegebreaker (DDO Forums)
  • Holy - not usable (no recipe), drops from Siegebreaker)
  • Magical (Both Poison and Spell Traps)

In addition to parts, there are a few other trapmaking ingredients

All of the parts do stack by type, but I highly recommend heading over to the Twelve and claiming the free small ingredient bag as soon as possible. If you plan to do serious crafting on your rogue, then you'll want to invest in a small ingredient bag.


Crafting the traps is a very simple process, provided you have all the ingredients. First you have to find a Device Workstation, located in House Cannith or Eveningstar. If your guild is level 30 (24 Gold Seal), these crafting stations can be rented on the airship as an amenity.

The process of crafting is similar to the other crafting systems in the game. You open up the interface, place in the various materials, and press the craft button. The window will show the available recipes you can make with those ingredients and what the cost for building is. Be sure to select the right recipe from the list you wish to build.

Mines and Grenades

With parts, you can make traps, specifically two types of traps. Mines and Grenades.

Grenades are very much like the various bombs that kobold throwers have, or like the Sun Flasks during the Festivult. They fly in an arch, and can be aimed to hit places a bow might miss. They can also simply be used while targeting, and they will usually hit the monster. Grenades are splash weapons, so it's best to use them when there are many monsters gathered close together and out of reach.

Mines function in a unique way. When used, you will enter in a short duration and a small device will be placed on the ground. Placing a mine will not disable your Sneak. After a second, the mine will set, indicated by a small light switching on. After that, any monster that steps on the mine will trigger the explosion. Mines deactivate and despawn after 150 seconds.

Since mines can be set up in the midst of combat, they are very useful when surrounded.

The weaker mines only have a blast radius similar to a fireball. The average and large mines however have an area of effect of twice that size. Deadly mines are even larger, with an area of effect that will hit an entire room.

If you plan to use mines regularly, it is important to make sure that DC is as high as feasibly possible. Since the DC is based on the total Disable Device skill, equipping an item to boost the skill is a good practice before setting up traps. Mine DC's are determined in the following way.

Elemental Traps

Magical Traps

  • Normal Rogue: 10 + Spell Level + Intelligence Modifier
  • Ranks in Improved Traps can increase DC by +1/+2/+3
    Note: While there's currently no way to directly measure the DC of magic traps, testing seems to indicate that it's based on the Disable Device DC in the same way as elemental traps. (DDO Forums)

Magical Traps are a very unique type of trap. You can only use a select list of spells from 1st to 3rd level with magical traps, and all of them are focused towards crowd control. Examples include: Grease, Glitterdust, Hold Person, etc. These traps function similarly to mines, except that when they activate, the spell is cast. Since these spells are solely derived from the scrolls, the durations are very short in general.

All recipes follow the same basic pattern. In all traps, replace <Elemental> with your element of choice.


  • Noisemakers
    • Recipe: 25 Mechanical Trap Parts
    • Result: 15 Noisemakers (Creates a small noise after several seconds, which lures creatures to it)
      • Level 2 to use item
  • Weak <Elemental> Mine
    • Recipe: 10 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 10 Mechanical Trap Parts
    • Result: 15 Weak <Elemental> Mines (10d6 Damage)
      • Level 3 to use item
  • Small <Elemental> Mine (minimum level 5)
    • Recipe: 25 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 10 Mechanical Trap Parts, 10 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
    • Result: 15 Small <Elemental> Mines (20d6 Damage)
    • Level 5 to use item
  • Average <Elemental> Mine
    • Recipe: 50 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Mechanical Trap Parts, 50 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, 4 Lesser <Elemental> Essences
    • Result: 15 Average <Elemental> Mines (30d6 Damage, Large Area of Effect)
    • Level 7 to use item
  • Large <Elemental> Mine
    • Recipe: 75 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Mechanical Trap Parts, 100 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, 12 Lesser <Elemental> Essences
    • Result: 15 Large <Elemental> Mines (40d6 Damage, Large Area of Effect)
    • Level 9 to use item
  • Deadly <Elemental> Mine
    • Recipe: 100 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Mechanical Trap Parts, 250 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, 24 Lesser <Elemental> Essences
    • Result: 15 Deadly <Elemental> Mines (50d6 Damage, Huge Area of Effect)
    • Level 11 to use item


(note that the minimum level indicated are rogue or artificer levels required)

  • Weak <Elemental> Grenades
    • Recipe: 10 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Crude Vials
    • Result: 25 Weak <Elemental> Grenades (2d6 Damage, Reflex Save - 12)
  • Small <Elemental> Grenades
    • Recipe: 25 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Crude Vials, 10 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments
    • Result: 25 Small <Elemental> Grenades (6d6 Damage, Reflex Save - 16)
    • Level 2 to use item
  • Average <Elemental> Grenades
    • Recipe: 50 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Simple Vials, 50 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, 4 Lesser <Elemental> Essences
    • Result: 25 Average <Elemental> Grenades (12d6 Damage, Reflex Save - 20)
    • Level 4 to use item
  • Strong <Elemental> Grenades
    • Recipe: 75 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Simple Vials, 100 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, 12 Lesser <Elemental> Essences
    • Result: 25 Strong <Elemental> Grenades (20d6 Damage, Reflex Save - 24)
    • Level 8 to use item
  • Deadly <Elemental> Grenades
    • Recipe: 100 <Elemental> Trap Parts, 25 Unadorned Vials, 250 Siberys Dragonshard Fragments, 32 Lesser <Elemental> Essences
    • Result: 25 Deadly <Elemental> Grenades (30d6 Damage, Reflex Save - 28)
    • Level 16 to use item

Acid, cold, electric, fire and sonic traps and grenades use respectively Lesser Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Air Essences. Force traps and grenades use Lesser Arcane Essences.

Some Examples of low level traps and their recipes


  • Weak Alchemist's Spark
  • Weak Alchemist's Cacophony
  • Weak Alchemist's Frost Grenade
  • Weak Alchemist's Fire Grenade


  • Weak Fire Trap
    • 10x Mechanical Trap Parts + 10x Fire Trap Parts yields 15 mines
    • 10-60 fire dmg
  • Weak Cold Trap
    • 10x Mechanical Trap Parts + 10x Cold Trap Parts yields 15 mines
    • 10-60 cold dmg
  • Weak Acid Trap
    • 10x Mechanical Trap Parts + 10x Acid Trap Parts yields 15 mines
    • 10-60 acid dmg
  • Weak Lightning Trap
  • Weak Sonic Trap
    • 10x Mechanical Trap Parts + 10x Sonic Trap Parts yields 15 mines
    • 10-60 sonic dmg
  • Weak Force Trap
    • 10x Mechanical Trap Parts + 10x Force Trap Parts yields 15 mines
    • 10-60 force dmg
  • Small Cold Trap

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