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The Gatekeepers

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The Gatekeepers are an ancient druidic sect dedicated to protecting Eberron from extraplanar threats. Though based in Khorvaire, the Gatekeepers have recently shown an interest in Xen'drik and its mysteries.

Representative: Zarnoth the Vigilant

Favor Ranks[edit]

Completing tasks and missions for the various patrons will increase your favor, which is a measure of how valuable the different patrons find your character. At each new level, the patron representative will provide a character with a reward.

  • Unknown - 0
  • Noted - 200
Originally Posted by Zarnoth the Vigilant

Subject: You're now eligible for the rank of Noted

Hail, friend of Eberron!

You have done well in protecting our world. Please meet with me in the Eberron Hall of Heroes to discuss your reward.
-Zarnoth the Vigilant, Gatekeeper Patron

(By completing quests that benefit the Gatekeepers, you have impressed them enough to grant you a reward. Speak with Zarnoth the Vigilant in the Eberron Hall of Heroes for details.)

  • Respected - 400

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