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Dragonscale Armor

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[edit] Overview

Update 14 made all of the below enhancements uniform across all of the armor types. See Dragonscale Armor history for previous versions.

[edit] Dragonscale armor types

Dragonscale outfits do not exist.

[edit] Ingredient/Scale color types

Name Introduced with Drop location(s)
Black Dragon Scale Module 4 Gianthold Tor, Mired in Kobolds
Blue Dragon Scale Gianthold Tor
White Dragon Scale Gianthold Tor, Prey on the Hunter
Flawless Black Dragon Scale Update 17 Gianthold Tor (epic only)
Flawless Blue Dragon Scale Gianthold Tor (epic only)
Flawless White Dragon Scale Gianthold Tor (epic only)
Flawless Red Dragon Scale Update 3 Plane of Night (epic only), Underdark Arena: Ring of Fire/Fight to the Finish
Flawless Green Dragon Scale Update 14 (MotU) Don't Drink the Water, The King's Forest
Commendation of Heroism Caught in the Web, The Fall of Truth

[edit] Item description

Ingredient type Armor color type and general stats Link to each armor type
Gianthold Tor Dragon Scales turn-in
Black Dragon Scale Armors
Blue Dragon Scale Armors
White Dragon Scale Armors
  • Fortification 100%Fortification 100%: This suit of armor or shield produces a magical force that protects vital areas of the wearer much more effectively. When a critical hit or sneak attack is scored on the wearer, there is a 100% chance that the critical hit or sneak attack is negated and damage is instead rolled normally.
  • Protection +5Protection +5: This item protects its wearer by granting a +5 deflection bonus to AC.
  • Shield Bonus +4 Gives a +4 shield AC bonus
  • Greater Cold ResistanceGreater Cold Resistance: This property absorbs the first 30 points of cold damage per attack that the wearer would normally take.
Gianthold Tor Flawless Dragon Scales turn-in, 10 Restored Dragon Relics, 10 Restored Giant Relics, 10 Restored Elven Relics, 3 Commendations of Heroism
Flawless Black Dragon Scale Armors
Flawless Blue Dragon Scale Armors
Flawless White Dragon Scale Armors
Flawless Red Dragon Scale turn-in
Epic Red Dragonscale Armors
Cormyrian Red Dragonscale Armors
Flawless Green Dragon Scale turn-in
Cormyrian Green Dragonscale Armors

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